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Small penis of symptoms

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1, the penis is especially small, and age does not match, but normal in appearance, the length and diameter ratio of normal. Its length is less than the normal penis length and the average length of 2.5 standard deviations above. Some corpora cavernosa penis maldevelopment.

2, check without scrotal testes, small, soft, incomplete descent or absence of such malformations.

3, Dre screening, Smaller than normal prostate.


In 1, the diagnostic criteria by hand to straighten the penis, the penis head measurement of symphysis to the top distance of penis length. Penile length less than the normal penis length average 2.5 standard deviations above, can be diagnosed with a small penis.

2, physical examination in addition to measuring penile length, should also be noted that there is no chromosomal abnormalities in brain development, and related symptoms, such as wide between the eyes, small mouth, ear position, and toe, toe. At the same time to understand the scrotal growth situation and the testicular location, number and size of.
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