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Small penis diet therapy

Small penis diet therapy

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Small penis diet therapy:

Can be used as animal whip and testis, bullwhip, dog penis, deer, kidney, testis, chicken, low-temperature drying, grinding into fine powder, every take 6G ~ 10g, daily 1 ~ 2 times, before meals; or fresh stew served; or with medlar, Shouwu, Cistanche deserticola respectively Fort soup, long-term edible, better effect.

Often eat beef, mutton, dog meat, soy products may make the penis and the development of the secondary sex characteristic; pigs, dogs, sheep testis and placenta, optionally a, drying pulverizing, each take 2 grams, 2 times a day, long-term use of a similar effect.

Eat more high protein food available, epimedium, Cistanche, calcined keel soup.
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