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what is Cervical tube inflammation?

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 5:38:06 PM
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Cervical tube inflammation is a manifestation of chronic cervicitis, the cervix, also known as uveitis. It is confined to cervical lesions and mucous membrane beneath the organization, often accompanied by connective tissue hyperplasia and hypertrophy of the cervix, and sometimes cervical mucosal hyperplasia with prominent outward. Gynecological examination shows cervical mouth redness, hyperemia. Cervix and vagina in general smooth.

Treatment of cervical tube should first dispel inflammation caused by inflammation of the cause. As a result of bad health habits should be promptly corrected; caused by belt loop, and should take part. Curettage followed by possible surgery, curettage endocervical inflammation organization. However, after curettage of cervical adhesions may occur, so patients should be regularly reviewed, in particular, the emergence of abdominal pain, or passing blood should pass through the future accompanied by abdominal pain. In addition, the drug can be localized. Fully revealed, after the cervix, using a sulfa powder dipped cotton swab drug stretching from neck tube, spin cotton swab, so that drugs can apply on the surface of the cervix endometrium, general medicine on a meeting the next day, 3 to 4 times can be.

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