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what can acupuncture do to help you lose weight?

Updated: Friday, Sep 04,2009, 6:38:49 PM
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if,You are an electrical being. Without electricity your body would die. The heart and brain are driven by electricity. Acupuncture balances the electrical forces and allows the body and all its organs to function properly.

Bioelectrical balancing of the body is an important first step in healing the body. This balance can be checked by pulse diagnosis or meridian balancing. If your body is out of electrical balance this must be corrected. Meridians are like rivers of energy that all connect throughout the body. There are 14 such rivers, 12 on the hands and 2 of them midline on the front and back of the body.

In order to balance the electricity within the body, two or more needles are placed on the hands, feet, or abdomen. Silver or gold pellets or silver rings may be worn to enhance this balance. Silver is like adding water to a fire, because it slows the energy flow. Gold, on the other hand, is like adding wood to the fire. Thus, making it more intense. An analogy might be made to a room that is too hot. You simply close the vent and the heat goes to the other rooms in the house. So too, if a river of energy is overactive, by placing silver on a select finger, one can slow the energy of that river (meridian). This results in more energy flowing to other rivers of the body.

When you are under stress, your body signals messages to different organs which triggers the need to eat. Sometimes your mouth wants to chew. Or your pancreas may lower your blood sugar until all you can think about is the ice cream in the refrigerator. Other times, your stomach growls loudly reminding you to eat, eat, eat. Oftentimes, your liver is not metabolizing the fats properly. All the junk food you ate, with its hydrogenated fats, become stored in as fatty layers of cellulite.

You were focused on a sensible diet, but after one week, you step on the scale to discover that your mouth, pancreas, stomach, and liver have thwarted your efforts to lose weight and you have actually gained two pounds. The liver, mouth, brain, pancreas, and stomach all overreact when they encounter stress. Therefore, these organs require sedation. Fortunately, the ear has sites that can send messages through the brain to these organs and thus prevent them from overreacting. Tiny needles are placed on select locations of the ear and stimulated manually or electrically. Messages travel to the corresponding organ which calms and sedate the organs.

Three of these organs, the stomach, pancreas, and liver, lie very close to each other on the ear. Due to their close proximity, a Chinese berry seed or silver tack needle can be placed over this area of the ear to provide continuous sedation to all of these points. Both the Chinese berry seed and the silver tack needle transmit energy to sedate these organs. Its as if a satellite dish antenna was placed on the ear and electromagnetic energy from car motors, computers, TVs, and florescent lights. Years ago staples were placed in the exact same area, but the staples frequently became buried in the skin and were difficult to remove.


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