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Updated: Tuesday, Oct 12,2010, 7:41:09 PM
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Some say it's metabolism, others say it's your genes, yet others say it's your thyroid. Whatever the cause or reason for this - all reasons have one thing in common. Your subconscious is receiving the same message from you that your body controls you and you have no control over your body. This belief is what leaves you feeling defeated no matter what you try to do. You end up thinking that you are just doomed to be fat. And not only are you doomed to be fat, but you tell yourself that you are just going to have to work harder than everyone else and find a diet that works for you. While others can take the elevator you are doomed to take the stairs. You will find out that no matter what you do or how hard you try, you will never be able to lose weight.

My advice is to just stop trying! Haven't you noticed that those who don't even try are always the skinny beauties?

Once you start hating the diet hang-ups and once you start living in ways that feel right to you, then your body will keep working against you. Your body and your mind are all connected and if you believe that you are destined to be fat because you are an emotional eater or because it's in your genes, then you will subconsciously do things in your life to make all of this a reality.

Make a decision right now to stop dieting. Instead find things that make you happy. If you like to read, then read more books. If you like to take walks, then take more walks. If you like to go to dancing, then start dancing. When you start doing things that you know make you happy, then the weight is going to fall right off. You will find that you will spend less time emotionally eating and mourning your loss of "what you could be", while instead you will become "who you are". Who you are is going to reflect in your normal body type.

Once you start to tell yourself enough times that you are just as capable of being as thin and beautiful as that 25 year old receptionist whom you work with, then your brain and your body are going to start to believe it too. Before you know it, you will become who you believe yourself to be.
Here are 5 things you must do to lose weight:
1. Do things that you Love to do. If you once loved hiking, then go on a hike. If you need to kindle old friendships, then give someone a call and take a shopping trip. When you do things that make you happy, you will naturally do less emotional eating and exercise and activity will increase for you without even having to try.
2. When you grocery shop, just shop the outer isles of the store to avoid the inner processed food isles. Making good shopping decisions makes eating healthy very easy. The out isles contain meats, dairy, and produce while the inner isles contain the most processed foods.
3. If you're tired then sleep. Don't forgo sleep ever. Haven't you ever heard of "beauty sleep?"
4. Drink a little water. You don't have to go crazy and drink 8-10 glasses every day. None of the diet haters do this. But drink some water every day and you will feel better.
5. Tell yourself that you are a wonderful, happy, healthy human being and that you have no barriers to living with your ideal body weight. To obtain these changes in your life easily and without disappointment, make sure you rely on some things from the link below. The writer of this article offers appetite aids and healthful products to get you on your positive path and to win at being a successful Diet Haters

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