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Weight loss can not eat what food?

Updated: Saturday, Jul 09,2016, 2:12:15 PM
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Do you know what to do to lose weight? What can not eat it? High calorie can not eat, more sugar and more oil can not, then excuse me, but also what to eat? In fact, people who lose weight the most is the five kinds of food to refuse.

1, rice cake

Is an old fashioned rice cake food, but because of the very high glycemic index carbohydrates. High glycemic index foods will add to the human body, but in a short time you will be hungry. New balanced foundation Obesity Prevention Center researchers found that the high glycemic index foods will cause excessive hunger, increase human brain activity, which will lead to excessive eating, will eventually increase the body weight.

2, coke

Maybe you think every day to drink a small bottle of cola to weight loss will not cause any major impact, but in fact, average daily drink cola 375 ml, daily intake of energy will increase 168 calories, one year down, you will put on weight 16 pounds. Even if it is a thin, the body will be the earth shaking changes, not to mention the original body more fullness of the people.

The factors that lead to the human body fat, not only because of its objective existence of heat and points, but also the taste of Coke will stimulate us to eat more food than usual.

3, roasted almonds

It's no doubt that roasted almonds are very delicious, but it's not good for your body. Raw almonds will cause swelling of the stomach acid, will slow down the rate of digestion, so that more long-term sense of fullness. But there are various kinds of salt and preservatives on the roasted almonds. It is possible to increase your weight.

So, the almond is best to eat raw, and the election of a shell, it can make you eat the speed of slow down, to produce a sense of fullness.

4, chocolate

Some people in the office, standing in the office love this kind of chocolate biscuits snacks, afternoon tea time will eat a few packets. Sometimes the night, will use cookies as snacks. Although a small biscuit does not look like, but if you eat six pieces of chocolate biscuits every day, the daily intake of calories is 302 calories, a year will be fat 28 pounds!

5, Smoothie fruit

Fruit smoothies in the summer seems to be a good choice, but from many store bought smoothies contain many dairy products are high in calories and low sweetness agent. A small mango banana milkshake containing 440 calories, close to dieters day required for 1 / 3 of the total calories, not to mention the inside also contains 96 grams of sugar.

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