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Weight Loss,Natural Appetite Suppressants

Updated: Thursday, Sep 03,2009, 4:42:27 PM
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Obesity is one of the most common health problems nowadays. Lifestyle and eating habits are mainly responsible for the problem of being overweight. An increased intake of junk foods and fast foods as well as a lack of exercise and physical activities are the major factors responsible for excessive weight gain. Obesity can give rise to a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, Type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, to name a few. Hence, it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight. There are several different methods for quick weight loss, including medications, dietary changes, exercises and surgery. One of the most effective methods for weight loss is to control your appetite and limit the consumption of food. In this, use of a natural appetite suppressant can significantly help in reducing excess weight. Let’s find out about the natural appetite suppressants for weight loss.

Natural Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

Overeating is one of the main causes of obesity. Some people tend to eat more than the body actually requires and thus, gain excess weight. If you are planning to take up a weight loss program, you need to control your hunger. If you avoid overeating, you will be able to lose weight fast. Some people try diet pills or different medications to suppress their appetite. But these medications can cause some serious side effects such as fatigue, stomach pain, irritability and sleep disturbances. On the other hand, natural appetite suppressants are a safe and effective method for natural weight loss. Natural appetite suppressants are available in the form of whole foods, supplements or both.

Whole Foods as Natural Appetite Suppressants

One of the simplest options is to have a large glass of water before meals. It is an effective and easily available appetite suppressant. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day fills your stomach without adding any calories.

Tea and coffee are also good appetite suppressants. However, these should not be loaded with sugar or creamer. Instead use some sugar substitutes or non-dairy creamers to prevent consumption of excess calories.

Apple cider vinegar is another effective appetite suppressant. It is recommended to have one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar 30 minutes before meals. This should be followed by a glass of water, as vinegar could prove corrosive to tooth enamel, if left for longer time. If you can’t tolerate the taste of vinegar, you can add it to salad dressing.

Green tea can also remarkably control your appetite. It possesses wonderful antioxidant qualities. A daily intake of 3-4 cups of green tea after meals will help you feel full and satisfied. Green tea also acts as a good energy booster.

High fiber diet is an excellent natural appetite suppressant. Foods rich in fiber are quite filling. You can also have fiber supplements to control appetite.

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce and bok choy are excellent appetite suppressants, as they are a good source of fiber. They are considered ‘negative calorie’ foods because they are hard to digest, therefore make fewer calories available to our body and less calories are converted into fat.

Since an apple contains only about 100 calories, it can be a good appetite suppressant. Apples consist of high amounts of fibers and very little carbs. They make a great substitute for high-calorie foods such as candy bars or pastries.

Natural organic pickles can also be used as a natural appetite suppressant; but ensure that they don’t contain artificial colors and sugar. Pickles made from cucumbers contain less calories.

Good news for the chocolate lovers is that dark chocolate is helpful in controlling your appetite naturally. Consumption of dark chocolate, having low sugar content, 3-4 times a day is helpful in suppressing appetite.

Supplements as Natural Appetite Suppressants

Whey protein powder has been used for years as a natural appetite suppressant. It is available in a variety of flavors. This protein supplement is also beneficial for muscle growth. You can have it as a delicious shake or you can add it to a variety of food recipes.

You can try some herbal extracts for appetite suppression such as Hoodia gordonii. It is a cactus-like plant found in the Kalahari desert of South Africa. The Bushmen in South Africa have been using this plant as a powerful appetite suppressant, since centuries. You can have Hoodia gordonii in its raw form or in the form of pills.

These natural appetite suppressants can effectively help you achieve your goal of losing weight and keep you fit and healthy without causing any side effects.

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