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Traditional Chinese medicine slimming trick

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 4:30:37 PM
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Many people have heard about Chinese medicine prescription weight-loss, its prescriptions are as follows:

Cassia 12, Plantago 3 money, hawthorn 2 money, and dried tangerine peel 2 money, money, a half-fleece-flower root, liquorice a money, money, a Citrus aurantium. This recipe is a heat physique to pay the person more suitable.

Function: Cassia, there are Liver eyesight, relax bowel function. Plantago, Lee water Tonglin, Qingfei eyesight, Qingfei expectorant. Hawthorn has blood circulation, digestion of integrable functions, so if you have indigestion situation, Hawthorn can help you improve. Citrus-pass intestinal, antipyretic, it can be used in febrile physical person. Fleece-flower root, complement liver and kidney, essence and blood, relax bowel, detoxification. Citrus aurantium, there is a wide line of gas, in addition to expansion of the capabilities for Xiongxie pain, food plot is not based, stop, etc. within the Tan Yin. Licorice lungs, cough, heat, detoxification, and so fill the spleen and stomach.

It should be noted that each person's physical and there were different before, so it should be paid prescriptions tailored TCM prescription for ordinary people, that is, what kind of doctor diagnosed his body and eat what kind of medicine's most appropriate, therefore, it is not suitable for everyone. Said to have been due to take medication which led to periods do not come, or to become more obese, or excessive weight loss, resulting in reduced body immunity, resulting in some not originally diseases.

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