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The Factors of Obesity in Chinese Medicine

Updated: Saturday, Aug 03,2013, 5:33:58 PM
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The factors of obesity in Chinese medicine
Obesity is a chronic disease. The World Health Organization estimates that it is easy to get overlooked but with sharp increased. In addition to humans, many pets also suffer from obesity. Mammals (including humans) suffer the health problem due to accumulation of fat inside the body.

The four main factors of obesity in Chinese medicine
1.Retention of phlegm:shishi milu holds that “Fat people are phlegmatic”. For retention of phlegm, it is attributable to the function disorder of the lung, spleen and kidney. The lung dominates the physiological function of disperses body fluid. Body fluid can not disperse. In turn, cause the retention of phlegm due to dysfunction of ascending and descending. Spleen dominates the water transformation. If Spleen is got disease and deficiency, it also can lead to the accumulation of dampness which produces phlegm due to dysfunction of transfer. Kidney dominates Steaming water fluid. Deficiency of kidney-yang leads to the hypofunctionning of evaporation, resulting accumulation of water which produces phlegm. After phlegm and body fluid take form, they go into the body and lead to retention of qi. The body is bloated and seems like fat due to Dysfunction of spleen.

2.Dampness:it can be divided into endogenous syndromes and exogenous syndromes. And exogenous syndrome is one of the six climatic evils. Endogenous syndromes mostly causes by eating too much greasy, strong taste food and drink a lot. Endogenous syndromes and exogenous syndromes both affect the distribution of body fluid then cause fat. Dampness evil includes water, static fluid and phlegm. Phlegm is thick and turbid, static fluid is thin and clear, and water is clearer. There is qualitative difference among them. Water-damp retention produces fat. In turn, it results in obesity due to water retention.

3. Stasis: it is caused by retardation of the flow of qi, and transformed from stagnation of phlegm. In addiction, Stasis can be caused due to lipid in blood increase, called turbid fat in Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor. Each other can transform. Infertility in fat people refer to turbid fat obstruct in uterus, that affect fertilization. The Golden Mirror of Medicine? Center of Gravity of Gynecology said: Infertility is caused by turbid fat obstruction or phlegm.

4. Deficiency of qi:the formation of blood and body fluid, circulation, distribution and excretion are accomplished by the function of qi by means of promotion, warming and transforming. The promotion action of qi is weak, so the blood and body fluid flow slowly and they are retention. The warming function of qi is weak, so blood coagulates when getting cold. Transforming function is disturbed, so conversion of blood and body fluid is dysfunction. And a failure of distribution causes water retention which produces phlegm, It produces fat due to stagnation and excess.  

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