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The Factors of Obesity and its Categories

Updated: Saturday, Aug 03,2013, 8:42:16 PM
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In fact, Chinese ancient doctors have had a good knowledge of obesity: records in chinese medicine, obesity is almost caused by   dampness, phlegm and deficiency. There are several categories for obesity according to factors below:

1. Abdominal obesity due to excessiveness of liver-qi,

2. puffiness due to strong or weak function of kidney,

3. obesity that store too much fat in body due to  excessiveness of blood and qi,

4. morbid obesity due to deficency of blood and qi, and excessiveness of spleen-yang,

The factors of obesity and its categories
Weight losing is always the pursuit of modern women. From the beginning of the western medicine, later on Slimming Tea, and then weight loss capsules in the last two years, these are more and more popular in the market. Many Slimming Tea and capsule are made of Chinese herbal medicine.

As for obesity, Tcm holds that the basic reason is disorder of yin-yang. It affects the potential of hydrogen and survival of enzyme. Chinese medicine adjusts the human body through regulating endocrine, such as liver, spleen, kidney, heart, lungs, and triple warmer and so on.  It makes use of the function of qi, blood and body fluids to complete the unified mutually, achieving the goal of losing weight. At the same time, the Chinese medicine can apply different method base on the syndrome of diseases for obesity. 

Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes the combination of compatibility in compound. There is a relationship of strengthen and constrain. The characteristics of Chinese medicine are multi-channel, multi-target, and present the characteristics of the integrated drug dynamically.

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