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Symptoms of fungal vaginitis

Updated: Thursday, Dec 24,2009, 5:42:30 PM
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Patients with bacterial vaginosis showed leucorrhea increase the vulva, vaginal itching, burning feeling when urinating, often around the vulva redness, edema, skin changes of diversity; can occur very shallow blisters papules occur in groups; can the formation of eczema-like erosion, limited to the vulva or to the surrounding extended to the perineum, anus, and around the reproductive unit folds up to the inside of the thigh, appearance, completely similar to the acute or subacute eczema; labia and clitoris mucosal thickening in the vicinity, mutual contacts flush skin erosion; individual can cause a tiny white pustules, severe ulceration, genital pain and local lymph nodes.

Leucorrhea is not necessarily obvious symptoms of vaginitis, but the water samples until the curd-like, or ointment leucorrhea like leucorrhea may occur. If thin is like a complete Blanchir serous effusion, but often contain white flakes; while others, such as curd or thick granular debris. Often two very different clinical manifestations. About half of the patients leucorrhea for a large number of water samples with no white flakes or purulent vaginal mucosa showed moderate degree of redness, swelling, itching and burning without a serious sense, only a feeling wet vulva. Leucorrhea another patient showed a typical curd-like or flake thick vaginal discharge, vaginal mucosa a high degree of redness, flaky white film (such as thrush) adhesion, easy to peel; the erosion of the mucosa under the damaged base, or the formation of shallow ulcers severe cases, can be left ecchymosis, there is itching and burning sensation. Pregnancy, fungal vaginitis itching worse.

The vagina has its own defense capability and vaginal bacteria inhibition Duchenne, about 10% of women and 30% of pregnant women who band mold, but with no clinical symptoms. Due to Candida albicans in the PH value of 5.5 or so in the vagina the most suitable environment for the growth of bacteria in the vagina went out on the normal circumstances, the vagina's PH value 4 ~ 4.5, mold can not breed even in the presence. Alkaline disinfectants such as sodium bicarbonate 3% of vaginal lavage fluid, or menstrual phase PH value of more than 5.5, can reduce fungal vaginitis.

According to typical clinical symptoms and signs, the diagnosis of mycotic vaginitis is not difficult, but not the typical case, in order to confirm the diagnosis, children can go for secretion smears revealed round spores or pseudohyphae compared with the cells are linked into chains can be recognized as a mold.

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