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Slimming tea: drink a lot of lead to anemia

Updated: Monday, Dec 07,2009, 11:06:31 AM
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Many young girls are now fashionable to make himself look more slender some day, insist on eating fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of green tea to lose weight, resulting in uneven nails, mouth inflammation, and even severe anemia.

excessive drinking tea, especially tea can lead people to the body's iron loss.

This is because tea contains large amounts of tannic acid, a large number, after drinking tea, tannic acid and iron combine to form a insoluble substance, hinder the absorption of iron.

Therefore, those addicted to tea and tea to restrict the amount of water, light tea, anemia patients in particular, do not drink tea.

In the presence of iron in the form of food, there are two, one for the present in animal foods in heme iron absorption rate of 20% -25%; another way for the present in plant foods of non-heme iron, absorption rate of less than 10%. Therefore, the human body to absorb iron, or to animal-based foods.

Health Tea tips:

May wish to choose according to their own physical condition of different tea formula is simple and convenient hands-try full of fun tea modulation, in the supplementary nutrition is also a kind of enjoyment of life.


Cook the barley into the cold water for 10 minutes, add crystal sugar boiling solvent, filter out the tea; to tea bag immersed in boiling wort 23 minutes, will be cut lemon, Ji Zhi, Stir the wort can be poured into the black tea .


Pass intestinal facilitate, and improve rough skin.

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