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Skin needle France

Updated: Monday, Dec 07,2009, 3:36:40 PM
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1. Needle hand holding the rear handle needles, finger pressure in the needle handle.

2. Tapping France and skin will be sterilized needles and syringes, needle alignment Tapping parts, using the power of the wrist, knocking the needle hit the skin vertically and immediately raised, repeatedly.

3. Tapping the site of the skin Needle Tapping the site generally fall into along meridians, acupuncture, local call-in three kinds of thorns.

(1) through by Tapping: is follow the passages to Tapping a method commonly used in items of the Governor Vessel and foot dorsal lumbosacral bladder by the sun. Governor Vessel for Yang pulse of the sea, can regulate a yang; internal organs of the Back-shu points are distributed in the bladder through, so the treatment of a wide range. Followed by the extremities Zhouxi the following positions, because the distribution of the various points upon the original, network points, cleft points and so on, all the corresponding organs and meridians treatable disease.

(2) Tapping points: refers to the point on a method of Tapping. The indications are based mainly on the role of acupuncture, choose the appropriate to be knocking at Acupuncture points. Clinically frequently used in a variety of specific points, Hua Jiaji, A is a cave, etc. to Tapping.

(3) local call-in taunts: refers to the affected part to a method of Tapping. If a partial bruising after sprained pain, stubborn ringworm, etc. can be partially surround the thorns or casual stab.

4. Tapping Tapping the intensity of stimulus intensity is based on the site, the patient's physical and determined the different conditions, the general points of light, medium and heavy 3.

Light stimulus: light-weight wrist force to knock thorn to a slight local skin flushing, patients had no pain for the degree. Apply to the elderly and women and children, deficiency syndrome patients and the head, face, facial and muscle shallow Office.

Medium stimulation: between the severity of stimulation between the local skin flushing, but no bleeding, the patient Shaojue pain. Applicable to common diseases and the majority of patients, in addition to craniofacial and other muscles shallow Department, the majority of parts can be method has been applied.

Re-stimulation: The heavier wrist force to Tapping, local skin can be seen faint bleeding, patients feel pain. Apply to body strong, positive patients and shoulders, back, waist, handsome office sacral and other muscles.

5. Time and scope of

(1) treatment time daily or every other day one times, 10 times as a course of treatment, treatment interval of 3-5 days between the can.

(2) The scope of application of the skin-pin wide range of clinical syndromes can be a variety of applications, such as myopia, optic atrophy, acute tonsillitis, colds, coughs, chronic gastrointestinal disease, constipation, headache, insomnia, lower back pain, skin neuritis, alopecia areata, dysmenorrhea and so on.


1. Needles and syringes should be regular checks, pay attention to whether the needle hook the music, the needle is flush, roll-barbed tube is a flexible rotation.

2. Tapping to be nimble when you move, integrity and non-skewed, so as to avoid pain in patients.

3. Local ulcer or injury of any person not to use this law, acute infectious diseases and acute abdomen are also not to use this law.

4. Strictly disinfected to prevent infection.

5. Rolling barbed tube should not be prominent in the skeletal site of rolling, in order to avoid pain and bleeding.

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