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Postpartum Weight Loss Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 11:47:53 AM
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In addition to the joy of a woman outside of pregnancy there is a nameless fear! That is afraid to have children after the body will be fat, build aliasing distortion!

Postpartum abdominal obesity obesity in most, before the birth of a child, not only big on the waist several inches extra abdominal fat is also a large circle. In particular, three months after the birth, the most obvious!

Why post-partum abdominal obesity? To traditional Chinese medicine point of view, the biggest reason is that cases of muscle relaxation. Cases of tendon, tendons of the Lord for the body. Nei Jing said: "The liver is also the co-bars. Its charge in the tendons, to Health and arterial blood gas." The liver, after a vaginal device which arrived in the lower abdomen, hepatic blood vent here, while pubic hair. On both sides of the abdomen are of the liver, liver deficiency is abdominal swelling, that is, abdominal obesity.

Woman in the course of nine months of pregnancy, the abdominal cavity must bear a great weight. Liver is true, then the fascia weakness. Therefore, after the birth of a child, the whole abdomen would be like a rubber band is not flexible. Instead of abdominal swelling, associated uterus, vagina, will lose their compactness and flexibility. Such patients are in favor of poor physical strength, easy fatigue, dry eyes, easy, sensitive to light, mood swings, easy anger, dizziness, dry nails, small abdominal distension, etc., that is, the so-called post-modern medicine to restore the transition hormone Period.

Of course, the formation of post-natal causes of obesity addition to the above reasons, some reasons for this are, and very physical relationship.

1. Moisture obesity:

Physical and water metabolism, you can try to pat your belly button look at the guts and see whether they have "Dongdong Dong," the voice of belly flap, and the usual lower body are particularly vulnerable to swelling, with special emphasis, this is the part of body wet obesity. Such a body of water can not be properly ruled out, the body metabolism of the body's waste water can not be completely long period of time, easy to physique change Deficiency, five internal organs and poor circulation, fat accumulation in the abdomen on the. Therefore, such a constitution are to reduce eating raw and cold, ice cream, combined with exercise more more sweat, making the body's basic metabolic rate increase, the wastewater discharged will not!

2. Qi obesity:

Such a constitution, the general performance of the abdominal muscle relaxation, unable to support the internal organs, causing stomach sag, forming the lower abdomen. Such patients often easily tired, dry skin, look haggard, and other places may not be fat, that is, sagging belly protruding out, such patients suggested to pay more attention to lifestyle, but also the right amount of exercise, and massage points, and then invited the physician to open a number of fill prescriptions with the strength of conditioning, such as the Four Noble soup, four soup.

3. Constipation:

The long-term constipation to intestinal loss of the original features, going to the toilet which goes accumulated in the passage of time will be the formation of abdominal po啦! This is usually Ying Ying Xiao Du, and also up outstanding. Solution In addition to daily moderate exercise increases bowel movements, they also eat more vegetables, fruit and yogurt!

4. Living habits:

Bending, a hunched back, eat dinner as soon sit in a chair watching TV, over time, lower abdomen and ran out! Such poor living habits, we should remind ourselves of their own, a casual dinner to the park Step Bar!

Caused by the elimination of post-natal abdominal obesity, we should focus on abdominal exercise and acupuncture points acupressure massage, preferably with tea or Chinese medicine to completely clear the conditioning the liver can be a fundamental solution to the problem.

1, abdominal massage has to note the following:

1. After dinner an hour before to refer to pressure in order to avoid affecting digestion.

2. Massage the abdomen of time to no more than 20 minutes is appropriate, abdominal massage direction to clockwise massage, massage from right to left direction can be first in the abdomen rubbed Jian Feishuang or slimming essential oils, homeopathic and then your hands clap your hands together Massage will not hurt the skin. Massage with 200 began to increase, a day sooner or later, or have time to do abdominal massage can not only eliminate abdominal obesity, but also buoyant abdominal organs, both good health, Qubing effect.

3. Menstrual period, diarrhea disabled.

2, abdominal massage method:

a. lying in bed when the pressure with the index finger means refer to the location of the navel, on a water hole to help rid the body of excess water to avoid edema, and help gastrointestinal motility, exercise abdominal muscles.

b. on both sides of the navel and then figure out the location of each one refers to Tianshu Point

c. below the navel and then figure out the location of four cross-refer to pieces of Guanyuan.

More than a few acupuncture points and has a help digestion, exhaust, drainage, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, helping defecation, of course, more to eliminate belly fat on role. "" "Freaky post-natal health, weight-loss rule

3, the Food and orientation:

Postpartum abdominal obesity, the food intake of appropriate multi-vitamin B group, in order to help burn fat and improve liver metabolic rate. Vitamin B group can not only strengthen the liver function, to eliminate the liver is true, quoted Zhen _ swelling. You can also reduce the dizziness, dizziness, dry eyes, blurred vision, his face grim, pale lips, nails dry, less menstrual symptoms.

Foods, the liver is a treasure trove of vitamin B group, whole grains, yeast, acid casein, wheat germ, beans, milk, meat, etc., are also important sources of vitamin B group.

4, postpartum weight loss tea:

1. Slimming tea

Materials Astragalus 3 money, Poria 4 money, Yu, Roselle tea, 5, Shimizu 1000cc, on behalf of the amount of sugar

 Approach will be cleaned herbs into the pot, the pot of boiled into the open, boil five minutes later to taste, into the red to join the appropriate sugar substitute, or let cool, filter container, placed in cold storage room chilled, cool to drink even more delicious, that is cool in summer, strengthening the immune system and lose weight Qingshu cool drink!

 Fu Fa dinner drink.

 Menstrual period should not be advised to reduction.

2. Kiyohide tea

Materials pink and purple roses 5, mulberry leaves a money, fresh mint 5, Shimizu 500cc

Practice medicine quickly cleaned with boiling water burns the cup will be placed in the cup herbs, into the boiling water, simmered for five minutes to a taste can be.

 Fu Fa dinner drink.
 Stomach Deficiency those who should not be easy to diarrhea, abdominal distension are advised to reduction.

3. Energy drink

Materials 5 grams of green tea, fleece-flower root, red sage root of all three of money, water, 2000cc

Approach will be cleaned herbs into the pot, the pot of boiled into the open, boil five minutes later to a taste, a little place about 80 degrees temperature, then add green tea, you can drink "" "create a beautiful post-partum belly Mummy

 Fu Fa when the tea is available before and after meals

 Diarrhea who should not be banned

In addition, proper food intake of a number of benefits of water such as:

1. Black bean soup: The practice of black beans washed, plus Shui Zhushu after eating soup can.

2. Adzuki bean soup: approach The red beans washed, plus Shui Zhushu after eating soup can.

3. Mung bean soup:  The practice of green beans washed, plus Shui Zhushu after eating soup can.

4. Winter melon soup:  The practice of adding water melon, tender ginger strips, cooked you can add a pinch of salt. (Non-flavored elements, or sugar).

5. Corn Soup:  The practice of whole plant corn, should not be removed. Mitch Duan Yu of whole soup, add a pinch of salt. Eat soup with corn kernels can be.

6. Adlay and millet:  The APF approach, millet wash, add seasonings Shui Zhushu has refused.

The menu above the long-term consumption, can not only lose weight, prevent obesity and more features.


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