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Massage to lose weight is through the specific acupoint massage

Updated: Monday, Jun 30,2014, 11:07:40 AM
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The massage weight loss medicine

When it comes to massage (massage) weight loss, through massage specific points, adjusting the specific area of main and collateral channels, so as to adjust the viscera function and endocrine system to achieve the purpose of weight loss. The acupuncture can alleviate hunger, help control diet. Have a good effect on local obesity the thigh, abdomen, back, and can play a regulating menstruation, treatment of constipation, reduce blood pressure, adjust blood fat etc..

As for the treatment site acupuncture is mainly concentrated in the abdomen and head, leg, arm, the sole acupoints. For example: navel acupuncture points around the sea, the big giant, Guan Yuan, Tianshu, each acupoint massage 10 ~ 20 times, can promote the The new supersedes the old., reduce appetite, regulating endocrine, improve abdominal distension, edema, prevent abdominal herniation.

At the same time, through the massage head of Shimonoseki, buccal car points, can relax, promote blood circulation, beautifying the face skin. Zusanli, Sanyinjiao point press the lower limb, can accelerate the blood circulation in the legs, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis, the elimination of leg fat etc..

In addition, in the finger pressing massage treatment process, the doctor will according to the specific circumstances of the obese persons with other points, such as the ditch, forearm abdominal water, the lower edge of the ribs chapter door hole etc.. Visible, only according to the Constitution and type of obesity selecting specific acupoints and manipulation therapy, in order to successfully lose weight, not massage parlors casually strokes personal training a few days on the line.

Massage taboo to be careful

If you want to massage acupuncture weight loss, where there are many need attention:

A clear understanding of their suitability for acupuncture weight loss. So, what person suitable massage to lose weight? According to weight loss experts research, has: ① tried various ways to lose weight but can not completely solve the problem; the body is not fat, but the waist and hips, excessive uplift; the original slim, but postnatal overstaffed; ④ itself body symmetry, but feel a fly in the ointment; the thighs stout rounded body, arm, poor.

The two is to go to normal hospital more reliable. Acupuncture weight loss need to use massage to lose weight, roadside shop does not necessarily formal training, acupuncture, acupoint overexert unclear, will cause harm to the body health. But every Dieter's physique is different, treatment methods and efforts are also different. Some turned to lose weight division can not main and collateral channels, but also not diagnosis of obesity is belongs to the spleen deficiency or kidney deficiency type, select the key massage acupoint specific situation so it is not possible to be a dieter's, targeted poor effect of natural difference. But the regular massage physician practices weight is according to the degree of obesity patient and the Constitution and decide, not follow the same pattern "friction press".

Three, acupuncture weight loss process should also pay attention to proper diet, namely in the normal eating less sugar and starch lipid, and other high calorie food intake, avoid overeating. At the same time, increase the movement, regularly carry out some light exercise walking, jogging, mountain climbing, slow motion, the adjustment body and mind.

As for treatment, generally 4 weeks as a course of treatment (4 times / week), the 16 will be able to play a certain weight loss. For those who are obese, you need about 3 courses.

Four is the women's menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation, serious cardiovascular disease, stomach, and internal operation with less than 3 months to avoid massage to lose weight. Fullness or hunger, not the acupoint massage various skin diseases and have a fever at. There is inflammation of appendicitis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological patients should avoid to use this way to lose weight, to prevent the aggravation of inflammation.

Try the vibration law reducing weight

Many people are busy with work, family, have no time to go to the hospital to lose weight. Slimming massage the writer wants to introduce a simple: vibration law reducing weight. That is in addition to more exercise, diet control, by the family or yourself every day with your fingers or palm on abdominal Zhongwan, Shenque, Guan Yuan point vibration pressing 1~2 times, each time 5~10 minutes, which has a good effect.

Elaborate, a vibration method is traditional Chinese medicine massage in the finger or the palm of the hand, is pressed at the treatment site for continuous rhythmic fibrillation continuous. The treatment occurs vibration amplitude is very small and fast, which can be divided into the vibration method and hand shaking two.

The vibration law: the thumb (finger food, can also be) according to the vibration in the acupuncture point. Vibration when the finger, and not leave the skin, vibrating up and down, and make the force spread to the deep. The vibration method and pressing method, kneading with the use of.

Hand shaking: palm close to flutter in the treatment of parts or points. Vibration, the palm of the hand does not leave the skin, vibrating up and down, and the power to the depth of diffusion. Hand shaking and palm knead method with the use of.

With dredge main and collateral channels, Qi and blood circulation, removing blood stasis and stagnation and beauty skin care effect of vibration method.

Some people say that in the process of operation should be like as non press, like non push push, suck without moving, force for fibrillation. The author thinks that Si speech rational!

This method, shoulds not be too full, too hungry, have a fever and abdominal pain of unknown cause at. Female pregnancy contraindication, menstrual period with caution, namely by less available, the large amount of persons do not use.

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