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Massage slimming France

Updated: Monday, Dec 07,2009, 4:03:12 PM
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(1) massage the abdomen

Can massage Zhongwan (navel on the ventral midline at 4-inch), water (on the ventral midline umbilical Division 1-inch), air sea (1.5 inches below the belly button belly midline Office), Guan Yuan (ventral midline below the belly button Division 3-inch), days to pull the (umbilical left open two inches on each side next to the office), waterways (3 inches below the belly button at Guan yuan to open two inches on each side next to the office), massage, the patient supine and relaxed

The body, using natural breathing, followed by pressing with the thumb above points, the next breath by, suction lift, the next action should slow by a powerful, should be slightly Suanzhang sense of degrees, Mei Xue press 3-5 times a day massage 1-2 times, after the press if they can around the abdomen at the umbilicus with fine salt or saturated brine solution (about 1 per cent of salt dissolved in water, 2-3) first, clockwise, counterclockwise to do after the massage would be more effective. General Nishun 30-50 laps each.

(2) Hand Massage

Strong plum pile can be used to stimulate the triple burner area, abdominal area, hand-Mei Xue every 5 minutes, twice a day, plum round toothpick piles can be the root cluster into a 3-5 tie; wrapped with plastic sheets tied toothpick tip to align the treatment When more than a thorn in the top with the sharp point, generally in order to be able to tolerate and not hurt the skin as a degree.

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