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Lotus leaf tea help you lose weight

Updated: Friday, Nov 06,2009, 4:39:01 PM
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China put the lotus leaves since ancient times regarded as a weight-loss cure. Because the lotus root, (lotus root), and leaves a simple diuretic, laxative effect.

Make full use of lotus leaf tea, weight loss and need some tips.

Must be a strong tea. The second bubble tea to no avail, although as long as it bubbles out of the color of the number of times can be steep. However, apart from the first bubble, the other

There can be weight loss.

Lotus leaf tea, a packet can be washed a cup. Basically, can be washed 3-4 packages a day divided 3-4 times finish. There were signs of the first week of constipation can be the first one days to drink four packages, sub-4 finish. Smooth stool, weight loss helpful.

Is best to drink when fasting. Drink before supper.

Do not have to diet. A result of drinking for some time, love of food will naturally change, many people do not eat greasy food the Hunxing.

In addition, the lotus leaf tea without boiling. Will be placed in a pot of tea bag or large tea cup and pour the boiling water you can drink the. Braised preferably 5-6 minutes, this tea will be thicker. And even if the tea cold, its effect will not change, so after the summer could be iced drink, taste better.

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