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Eight delicious breakfast to lose weight

Updated: Monday, Aug 05,2013, 9:40:58 PM
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A scientific nutrition refreshing breakfast not only provide the body with the necessary energy to make an energetic morning's work, but also help promote metabolism, accelerate fat burning. The following eight Editor delicious diet breakfast to get your day lean incessantly.

100g cod + a red tomato

Cod fish is rich in quality protein and unsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids for malignant decomposition has a strong role, and contains large amounts of lycopene and tomato soluble dietary fiber, at the same time are alkaline foods, regardless of skin on the body or both have a positive effect.

An apple +250 g yogurt

Apple and yogurt are rich in protein and soluble dietary fiber to help quickly produce satiety without increasing excess heat, while the active probiotic yogurt is to help balance the intestinal tract, remove metabolic waste a good helper.

A cup of American coffee + two whole wheat bread

Coffee contains a sufficient amount of polyphenols and caffeine, due to the elimination of lack of sleep, alcohol and other factors caused the swelling is particularly effective, while also help inhibit fat accumulation. Whole wheat bread contains natural enzymes and crude fiber, Ching Cheong body while mild stomach.

Two small pieces of homemade lemonade cake

Lemonade is rich in vitamin C and vegetable tannin, a natural alkaline foods, physical conditioning system of long-term drinking can easily gain weight healthy physique. The homemade cakes no trans fatty substance, does not affect the body and health.

A bowl of porridge +50 g lean

Rice can provide the body with enough carbohydrates, moderate effort for the restoration and fast action. Lean meat is rich in protein, can long maintain satiety, help prevent hunger lunch due to urgent and overeating.

150g +200 g spinach chicken

Among the many animal meat, the minimum fat content of chicken, eat a little little bit will not affect body weight, but can help enhance satiety. Spinach is rich in chlorophyll and plant fiber, can help purify the blood free fatty.

A bowl of oatmeal flush salt +3 olive

Oatmeal is very healthy crude fiber foods, but because of its fat content is not low, preferably on breakfast food in the morning the body needs some fat, which is more conducive to gastrointestinal motility. The sodium salt olives can help to maintain normal metabolism, which is not low content of plant phenolic compounds also inhibit fat accumulation is a good helper.

A box of eggs, whole milk

Eggs and milk is the ideal source of healthy fats, both to meet the required daily calories does not cause weight hurricane. Milk contains relatively rich in calcium, electrolytes for balance, maintaining normal metabolism and has a positive role in promoting.

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