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Chinese Weight Loss: Cupping

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 4:01:34 PM
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Although there is no ancient literature of traditional Chinese medicine slimming monographs, but the spleen and stomach transportation theory, the theory of qi and blood from the physiological and pathological with regard to the principle of dialectical exposition of obesity. Surfeit Feigan Atsumi, from transportation of the spleen and stomach, into grease, savings in vivo, or into a phlegm obstruction of qi. Illustrates the relationship between obesity and the spleen and stomach.

Traditional medicine health care and effective weight loss methods on the simple obesity of genetic obesity markedly There is no way.

Cupping operation

1. Zhongyang Kang Sheng were physical symptoms of obesity, appetite hyperactivity, good food more muscle, Mianchi, moss more tired, tongue red, slippery pulse number.

Treatment: Qingwei Xiehuo.

Acupoints: hunger point, stomach Yu, Feishu and other points, and Yang Chi, triple burner, etc. Yu points.

Operation: to lose weight should be cupping the method of combining with Auricular Composite conducted. Auricular acupuncture famine (in front of the midpoint of the tragus, external nose points below), hunger point can Weiwanxiashu puffiness, reduced appetite, weight loss experience in the Department of effect points. Single-pot method to stay cans Feishu is due to water-Su Valley, the refined propaganda hair down and lose the main gas cloth body entirely lungs. Take-yang pool, triple burner, stomach Yu and other points of digestion and absorption from the diet lose cloth and the spleen and stomach function is closely related to the above-mentioned Yao Xue especially for weight loss (and other weight-loss method) hunger appears to reconcile the role of such reaction.

2. Phlegm block are obese or with physical symptoms, see lethargy, easy fatigue, anorexia, mouth pale and tasteless, women's menstruation little or amenorrhea, men's yang fistula, tongue fat Indented, pulse Shen or slippery embolism.

Treatment: France wet phlegm.

Acupoints: ear endocrine, adrenal gland, body hole triple burner Yu, Pishu so.

Operation: ear pressure endocrine, adrenal Point point, taking the central nervous and have a moderating effect on endocrine meaning. Body points can be combined with single pot method to go cans, Shi surgery 15 to 20 minutes, taking the role of the spleen dampness phlegm.

Traditional medicine to lose weight is to modern people in the meridian theory of the organs to be of clinical use of reasoning, multi-use rules implies the inhibition of feeding diarrhea function, or adjust the hyper-state of the spleen and stomach to achieve weight loss purposes. There should not be denied that these therapies have a role in the psychological and, by implication, based on the patients anxious to lose weight: these treatments played a role of suggestion therapy, by the patient or before a meal when hungry operation, patients are prompted to play the psychological effects of conscious control of food intake, while indeed caused by the regulation of the hypothalamic feeding center reaction.

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