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Chinese Herbs Treating Weight Loss

Updated: Saturday, Sep 12,2009, 3:03:37 PM
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The ancient Chinese medicine has its roots in the theory that the human body can be healed. In modern times have expanded the boundaries of practice in one of the most popular goals to integrate our health, lose weight . In search of Chinestcmwell.com

The ancient Chinese medicine has its roots in the theory that the human body can be healed. In modern times have expanded the boundaries of practice in one of the most popular goals to integrate our health, lose weight . In search of Chines...

The ancient Chinese medicine has its roots in the theory that the human body can be healed. In modern times have expanded the boundaries of practice in one of the most popular goals to integrate our health, lose weight.

In search of Chinese medicine for weight loss, focusing on diet, this debate has arisen over the patient to determine the best method of feeding and various practices that promise results in the study of weight loss. Those who practice acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and diet therapy, the new attention for its ability to participate in weight loss, but also creates other health benefits originally derived physical support.

9 Risk of Overweight
1.High blood pressure - 26% of obese people have high blood pressure.

2.Diabetes - 80% of type II, associated with obesity. Excess fat makes the body resistant to insulin. When your body is resistant to insulin, cells can be the energy they need.

 3.Abnormal blood fats - A diet rich in saturated fat can raise levels of LDL (bad cholesterol).

 4.Stroke - American Stroke Foundation includes obesity as one of the risks of medical treatment and can be controlled by changes in lifestyle.

5.Osteoarthritis - Excessive body weight adds pressure to joints and wears away the cartilage that cushions. Sleep apnea more

 6.Sleep apnea - a person is overweight, the greater or more severe.

 7.Cancer - men and women who are overweight have an increased risk of many cancers.

8.Gallstones - Gallstones are more common in people who are overweight. According to Chinese medicine, gallstones  damp heat .

 9.Physical - where fat accumulates, the large amount of space occupied by internal organs. People who are obese may have difficulty breathing, walking or sitting.

It is important to lose weight and develop a healthy lifestyle. There are many weight loss programs available and it is important to find is a program that meets your needs. Most weight loss programs in the United States to focus on a strict diet. Some medical statistics show that almost 95% of diet programs, weight loss conventional use part or all of the weight loss benefits, again. But Chinese medicine considers the cause of obesity. Obesity is considered only a symptom of an underlying health problem. It is the result of a series of chain reactions in your body, usually starting with the Qi (pronounced  chee ) or lack of energy or an imbalance. If this is the cause, permanent weight loss. According to Chinese medicine, good health, should be enough Qi and institutions must work together in harmony. If there is not enough Qi, one or more organs that may be out of balance and develop an asset impairment. When this happens, not their bodies to fulfill their obligations to promote a healthy metabolism and your body get rid of excess fat and water.

They may have had problems such as headaches, emotional problems, depression and / or allergies to gain weight? Ever wonder why? Chinese medicine considers that this is a sign that your body has operational difficulties. Often the problem is an imbalance in the relationship between the liver and spleen. Both are essential for proper digestion. Chinese medicine teaches that if your body is in balance, has a weight problem. When the qi is strong and balanced, of course, losing weight and maintaining normal weight.

Chinese medicine generally views obesity as they say  humidity , which is that the body does not properly convert and transfer of liquids. Humidity burned by the infliction of moisture in the body, particularly affecting the middle and lower body weight in these areas. We use herbs and food, let the moisture drip off. In general, a formula prescribed by many herbs together synergistically.

It is important to achieve the correct diagnosis include professional Chinese medicine, pulse reading, tongue diagnosis, and memories. Chinese medicine uses very personal attention. The principal method of regulation for the treatment of disharmony pattern of patient's personal and treatment is safe and effective as it faces its own metabolism of the individual interests of overweight. With this method, each patient receives their treatment plan with Chinese herbs, diet and lifestyle changes. If you want to make your weight loss program further add to their treatment regimen of acupuncture. Adjust Chinese medicine treatment to its unique energy disharmony, rather than treating only the symptoms.

Chinese medicine emphasizes the development of the energy of his stomach. To lose weight, the importance of your digestive system can no longer be highlighted. Hanging from digestion to absorb and assimilate the nutrients they need to support and maintain the normal operation of your organization. If your digestive system is not operating efficiently, gain more weight. Often used herbal mixtures to increase the power of the stomach and digestive tract. This helps the digestive process a chance before you eat, you must change the excess fat. The diet is not enough digestive power leads to energy loss, malnutrition and dehydration of the body. This eventually can lead to a further weakening and deterioration of the digestive system. Once past the control of natural and permanent weight is very difficult.

It is also important to maintain regular bowel movements too. To lose weight with Chinese medicine is sometimes used herbs and formulas to facilitate regular bowel movements. Irregular stools for prolonged periods leads to stagnation or undigested food, toxins and other pollutants accumulate in the colon. Excess accumulation of waste that eventually overheat and weaken the digestive system and prevents absorption of important nutrients. This will take more time in the sense that the symptoms of eating bad food the body is a craving for sweets and a stable trend of growth and weight gain.

Some herbs help to suppress appetite. Among Chinese herbs can help you lose weight. They help to increase body metabolism and suppresses appetite. Sometimes we can tackle other problems, both in relation to weight loss. Examples include acid reflux, insomnia or depression. Here we use 2 types together. In the treatment of weight loss should also consider the emotional health of a person, characterized in Chinese medicine.
Chinese medicine treats the body, mind and soul as an integrated, coordinated whole. This means that health  real  physical, emotional health should be. Each of the body 5 has a corresponding pair of emotions - like anger is the liver and gallbladder, and concerns associated with the stomach and spleen. Chinese medicine recognizes that chronically held emotions create an imbalance in the functioning of their bodies.

Graves with weight loss as you have a permanent weight loss that offers the benefits of long term health long term? Chinese medicine is time tested methods of prevention and lifestyle modification, safe weight loss and other healing resources. Do not let procrastination, hesitation or fear of failing to improve the quality of life and improved appearance.

Chinese Herbs Treating Weight Loss 

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