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11 wrong way to lose weight

Updated: Wednesday, Aug 07,2013, 9:12:19 PM
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Many people have been on a diet, but always thin down, which is why? Have a look below some mistakes weight loss methods, maybe you're misunderstanding due strayed into these weight loss, so thin down, and quickly look at it.

Outright rejection of fat intake

Body fat look is the greatest enemy, or a variety of disease risks, in addition to the order after the fast. In fact, to maintain a certain amount of fat in your body temperature can not only constant, but also reduce the impact of shocks on the internal organs, a growing number of studies have shown that the metabolism of fats and fatty foods promote functional role in the process in the diet, is not always negative.

While the consumption of fat in the body not only will not soon converted into stored fat, but also the decomposition of fat to some extent, inhibit fat synthesis in the body. Single non-binding fat corn oil and olive oil, with the role of lowering LDL, is the ideal bodybuilding diet edible oil; resistant to anti-hunger digest fatty foods can reduce your starchy foods and snacks cravings .

Slimming coffee

Caffeine can indeed accelerate the decomposition of fat, so fatty acids isolated from adipose tissue into the blood, if combined with exercise, will burn fatty acids in the blood, can reduce fat, otherwise will return adipose tissue back into stored fat, coffee to lose weight eventually return to their roots to the sport. The most important thing is that even with the movement, to achieve separation of the effects of fatty acids, drink at least 8 cups of coffee a day. Such a large amount will make you long-term insomnia, coupled with greatly reduced ability to absorb nutrients, weight naturally declined. And coffee has a diuretic effect, a lot of drinking coffee can cause body water, affecting skin is more harmful to health.

Pepper Diet

Studies have shown that red peppers contain an ingredient called Capsaicin helps burn fat, accelerate metabolism; studies show that Korean women have lower rates of obesity and their long-term consumption is about spicy kimchi; also because, pepper indeed stimulate sweat glands, helping drainage function, can reduce body edema, weight loss therefore be regarded as the top grade.

In fact, there is no direct proof of pepper to lose weight. And strong irritant pepper, excessive consumption may affect the stomach function, there is the risk of stomach pain and even bleeding. But eating too much spicy food will make the skin become rough, or even acne, it seems that some more harm than good!

Only the pursuit of weight bottom-up approach

Are you still superstitious use to measure their body weight, fat, thin, or believe that those who flaunt one week can subtract 2-3 pounds of methods or recipes? Weight from fat, muscle, bone, water, there is no long-term weight, waist circumference, hip circumference change record, can not really explain weight loss results. Those quick weight loss methods, mostly just minus the body of water, drink a few glasses of water content on the back.

The site is only reduced Xiangshou

"Thin waist, reduce hip, abdomen," such words full of temptation, local motion also gave us the hope of shaping parts of dissatisfaction. In fact, the local motion less total energy consumption, fatigue, and can not be sustained; additional fat for energy is controlled by the nervous and endocrine regulation, this regulation is systemic, not a practice which parts of the site which can reduce excess fat, where the blood supply conditions are good, help fat consumption, where you can lose weight.

Blindly low calorie recipes

Reduce calorie intake during weight loss is certainly correct, but less than 800 recipe cards may eventually lead to malnutrition, reduced metabolic rate, the future will quickly eat a little fat. Frequent meals, pay attention to a balanced diet is the key to weight loss recipes.

Farewell to the "potato" category

Potatoes, sweet potatoes not only taste good, or can produce satiety low-calorie foods. But the market is mostly hated people to lose weight after frying potato chips, french fries, potato people mistakenly think that the enemy is to lose weight. In fact, low calorie potato, and nutritional value is more than rice and wheat, and rice are equal calories and calcium content of brown rice 5 times the iron content of rice three times, protein, vitamin C content is also very rich. So, give up easily cause fat cooking methods, cooked potatoes sprinkled with spices, is entirely delicious diet food and nutrition have both.

Drink will surely gain weight? NO!

The sugar content of the wine is not the key factor in causing obesity, alcohol can not be mere shadow noon Waist Hip, alcohol will not be converted to fat, but can promote fat storage. Wine alcohol heat generated can not be stored in the body, the body is first consumed alcohol, and then the other fuels. Therefore, the degree of fattening liquor and other alcoholic beverages is the same. Moreover, alcohol is often accompanied by a high-fat snacks such as potato chips, nuts, etc. Unfortunately, with the alcohol drunk with any fat will be directly stored as fat. So the key is not to drink any wine, but what to eat when drinking.

With vegetables and fruit instead of rice and meat

Many people believe that eating fruits and vegetables, low in calories and nutritious, is the best weight loss during the recipes. Although calorie fruits and vegetables is not high, but not prone to "full" feeling, unconsciously eat more, stretch the appetite, and once stopped to eating fruits and vegetables, increases appetite will become your weight Killer!

More importantly, eat fruits and vegetables can lead to nutrient imbalance. Different causes of obesity is not necessarily a single nutrient accumulation, often lack the fat into energy nutrients. Body fat into energy when the need for the involvement of many nutrients such as vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and folic acid, absence of these substances, fat is not easy to produce energy, the natural accumulation in the body. The foods rich in these nutrients, such as milk, peanuts, eggs and animal liver and fatty foods such as meat, fruits and vegetables have long been replaced, naturally, the lack of energy conversion power.

Quit smoking gain weight

Many people think that the tar and nicotine in cigarettes can help burn calories, so for fear of fat and do not want to quit. Tracing the source, which is a psychological suggestion. Many people just quit when indeed be a little fat, it is because smoking can reduce your sense of taste sensitivity, reduced interest in food, once after quitting smoking, taste and smell normal, and also followed the restoration of appetite, appetite naturally changed for the better , as long as little control appetite, it will not appear larger rally.

30 minutes jogging to lose weight successfully

Long-standing high-intensity exercise, as moderate exercise lasting more fat you burn, so every 30 minutes jogging to lose weight stick. But studies show that aerobic exercise can be achieved though jogging purposes, but have little effect on weight loss. And only exercise duration in about 40 minutes later, the body fat will be mobilized together with glycogen for energy, less than about 40 minutes of exercise intensity regardless of size, fat consumption is not obvious.

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