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Women make love a few times a week the most healthy

Updated: Friday, Sep 09,2016, 3:55:45 PM
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Have sex at least once a week.

Menstruation worrying, first of all because of its appearance is often not so regular, so that women fall into the clothes soiled embarrassment.

According to the U.S. "physiology today" website, medical expert Dr. Winifred Cutler found that regular sex life can menstruation. This is because sexual life can get women to get beneficial information from their partners, thereby affecting their endocrine conditions. The more regular sex life, the more stable the level of androgen secretion in their body, the relevant physiological responses, such as menstrual cycle, the more stable.

Specifically, once a week to make love, you can adjust the menstrual cycle to 29. 5 days, and this is the best period to keep the fertility and endocrine health of women.

If the frequency of sex less than once per week, the effect is poor, or even better not to make love; and higher than this frequency, as long as appropriate, but also conducive to women's physical health.

Control menstrual pain with diet

Next to the female is the dysmenorrhea. It can make the female foot cool, break out in a cold sweat, and even vomiting or fainting. So many women in the menstrual period as water, fruit such as the enemy, eat lots of warm food.

Many people mistakenly think that dysmenorrhea is "cold body or womb caused, in fact, there are many reasons.

This type of women should be treated in a timely manner, if it is caused by a long uterine myoma or endometriosis. If the blind eat hot, then fill the faster, faster swelling of endometrium".

If because the uterus is cold and dysmenorrhea, they are often accompanied by a small amount of menstruation, menstrual delay problem, and the uterus will be severe contraction of the menstrual pain, the row is not smooth. These women can eat chocolate at the time of menstruation, drink ginger, brown sugar water to alleviate discomfort.

Because if the uterus is too hot, a lot of pelvic congestion caused by dysmenorrhea, it is safer to eat some cold food, such as vegetable and fruits.

Irregular menstruation in pregnancy

Women fear menstruation, but also because they often suffer from non menstrual bleeding. Have had sexual experience of women as long as irregular menstruation, pregnancy must be timely.

In the clinic, appeared in early pregnancy abortion women of childbearing age when vaginal bleeding, is often mistaken for blood for menses; and occasionally menopause women of childbearing age, is often mistaken for delayed menstruation. "If you don't put this phenomenon on the heart, the harm is very big."

After excluding the possibility of pregnancy and the menstrual cycle is too short if there is still a problem, such as a two week, may make women anemia body empty, had better take Chinese traditional medicine to help control; if the cycle is too long, such as more than 1.5-2 months, or not, may cause female infertility, should check whether hormone secretion out of the question.

Causes abnormal bleeding, but also may be associated with the menstrual period sexual behavior, or sexual excesses. Sexual life is easy to cause the female genital infection, should avoid.

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