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Women love what type of man

Updated: Friday, Sep 09,2016, 3:42:44 PM
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Women love what type of man

In clinic, many patients have problems and confusion, because they do not understand the characteristics of the male body. In fact, as a qualified man, first of all to be responsible for their own body, in particular, to know some of the common sense.

Among the patients who came to visit, the most common misconception is that masturbation is harmful to the body. Some men, because masturbation produces guilt, remorse, remorse, and even cause serious mental illness, and the ability to spread.

In fact, moderate masturbation is not only harmless to the body, there are certain advantages: men can improve masturbation to the self understanding, improve the sensitivity, can not avoid contact in benign conditions without sexual life. But need to be reminded of is that excessive masturbation will cause frequent congestion of reproductive organs, causing male sterility or bacterial prostatitis, causing genital, lower abdominal pain and so on. Therefore, the male should be scientific masturbation, not only to make their own body to meet, but also not affect the health. General unmarried men 2 - 3 times per month is appropriate, married 1 - 2 times a month. In every time after masturbation without perineal discomfort, no fatigue, lassitude and degree.

There are a number of men on their prostate is very nervous, mainly due to the lack of knowledge. Data show that about 50% of men in a certain period of life will be plagued by prostatitis. As cold as common prostate disease, most patients without clear progress, not a threat to the lives of patients and vital organs, so don't talk about a male prostatitis is pale, but do not have the disease touyi.

Finally, a male friend must be in the details of life to take care of your body, good care of man's life". In life to drink less, eat less spicy, avoid sedentary, adhere to exercise the body, regular life, etc..

Women's most important to men's buttocks

For women around the world, a man with a good shape is the most important part of a man's body. Why is this so? Psychologists say, let the man have a direct impact of gluteal muscles in sexual contact, which means that men have a better growth opportunities, it is also an important indicator of the characteristics of it.

If the man in the morning and evening insist on doing at least 30 fast squat, then they will create a super attractive buttocks.

As everyone knows, women love tall men, first of all, the woman knew the tall male is more likely to win, to compete in various psychologists from the primitive society, this is a woman is always looking for a perfect man cause children.

Today, women are more robust and strong love runner or wrestler. Germany has conducted a large-scale study, the results found that only 15% of women like to have a clear outline of the fat man. Doctors say healthy people have higher estrogen in the blood, which protects them from cardiovascular disease. Estrogen is also beneficial to prevent the production of blood clots.

According to statistics, the following figure is the most pleasing to women like men:

Developed 175-183 cm tall weight of 150-180 pounds of muscle, line - line is definitely better, waist to fine, abdominal muscle obviously, ass to circle to Alice legs are not too thick or not too fine but strong line is better, shoulder wide, deltoid two muscles obviously to arm not too thick.

Broad shoulders, rounded hips, slender and tall and straight of the waist of the most powerful women.

Women look at the order of men

First of all, the height, girls generally see boys first will pay attention to the height of the boys unable to restrain the emotions, she probably didn't pay attention to your looks, but for her height is an impression, this is the man of her dreams of the height of line.

If the girl saw an appropriate height and dressed after the boys to do next is to look at the boy's natural appearance, but it is not very important, because just three points have been with the girls had eighty percent judgments, as long as the face is not very strange, usually no problem, this is a lot of boys you are very handsome, but not the reason how facial features.

If a girl interested in you, she will observe some very smile, as this man loves a woman even after you will notice her eyelashes, then girls will carefully taste your dress, your clothing color collocation is reasonable, will judge you from the heart in the end is still rich no money, you will pay attention to whether there is a mobile phone pocket and so on.

The next is to see the character of the boys, girls will try to find out whether the boy flower heart ah, personality is hot ah, usually have a few girlfriend ah, love and men play or love and girls play, etc..

There is a family, the girls will want to know your family situation, where the people, had not had a girlfriend.

Men and women often eat oats to your libido soared

The researchers made a number of middle-aged men's natural plant health products made of oats, 4 weeks later found that these men's free testosterone levels increased by 27% in the body. The lower the level of the previous testosterone, the more obvious treatment effect.

The levels of testosterone in the adult body decreased as the age increased, the researchers said. Therefore, some of the elderly men prone to low sexual desire and erectile dysfunction and other symptoms. Because oats can cause the body to release testosterone, so long-term use can improve the above symptoms.

Oats are also helpful in improving female sexual desire. Research also suggests that oats can help improve women's sexual desire. In particular, menopausal women, can be appropriate to eat oats.

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