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Woman drink soy milk or milk good?

Updated: Friday, Jul 24,2015, 2:00:20 PM
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Drink soy milk woman and drink milk every aspect of the woman, but want to be healthy, beautiful no dead, milk and milk together to drink only the best! Look at their differences. You understand.

A woman drinking milk

1 women who drink soy milk is not easy.

Soy contains isoflavones, for menopausal women, drink milk can make up for a drop in estrogen levels caused by various problems, such as reduced skin elasticity, bone calcium loss accelerated, emotional irritability and other.

2 drink soy milk woman is not easy to constipation.

Because of the physiological characteristics of women, women are more prone to constipation than men. And the rich of plant fiber in soy milk can be very good to promote intestinal peristalsis, with the intestinal tract of waste and toxins.

3 drink soy milk woman brain more flexible.

Milk contains selenium, vitamin E, C and so on element, has the oxidation resistance function, can make the body cells "Youth", especially the role of brain cells.

4 women who drink soy milk is not easy to edema.

Excessive salt intake often leads to female face and limbs edema, look fat. Included in Soybean Milk stigmasterol and potassium, magnesium, sodium salt is a powerful substance. Drinking milk can be very good to remove edema.

Two, drink milk woman

1 women who often drink milk good bone.

Scientific research shows that compared to men, women were more severe calcium deficiency. Due to the natural physiological characteristics of the woman, every period and pregnancy will appear a lot of calcium loss phenomenon. Milk not only contains a lot of calcium and the calcium in milk most likely to be absorbed into the body, can be said to drink milk is a woman the best calcium way.

2 women who often drink milk skin smooth and tender skin is not easy long spot.

Milk rich in vitamin A, drink milk can prevent the skin dry. While the milk whey can eliminate melanin, but also to slow down the deposition of melanin. Women often drink milk black, pigmentation will be reduced.

3 women who often drink milk have a shiny hair.

Milk contains a lot of vitamin B2, which can promote the body's metabolism. Drink more milk, you'll find your hair is long and beautiful.

4 women who often drink milk is not easy to grow chicken pox.

Long acne is often due to the imbalance caused by skin and water. Many adolescent girls are troubled by acne, in fact, every day to drink milk can be a good way to adjust the skin. Milk can provide the skin with a closed oil, the formation of the film to prevent the evaporation of skin moisture, but also to provide temporary water, to ensure smooth and moist skin.

Three, conclusion: milk + milk is really good for women

Many people once thought that milk and milk can not be together. Think the two nutrients, only need to drink on the line. In fact, milk and milk in the nutritional composition is not the same, and its nutrition is not only because of the superposition and loss, but will strengthen because of the complementary. From the calcium and milk have a lot of calcium, vitamin D and lactose, if with the help of soya bean milk of vitamin K and potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, you can more effectively improve the utilization rate of the calcium. For menopausal women, soybean milk of soybean isoflavone can be in drink milk calcium and delay the loss of calcium, a two pronged role.

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