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What factors will cause the pregnant woman arrhythmia?

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 5:06:14 PM
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Cardiac arrhythmia is a common symptom, it may occur in any man, even may occur in pregnant women. Pregnant women appear arrhythmia often caused by the family of panic, at this time, pregnant women should be sent to the hospital for treatment, do not delay. After the clear reason in the understanding of disease, treatment for positive situation. In general, the pregnant woman arrhythmia to sinus arrhythmia. If pregnant women who have no symptoms of discomfort, can not treatment, but should pay attention to monitoring the disease condition of pregnant women. So what factors can cause pregnant women arrhythmia? Experts today let us follow the Shanghai Yuanda Cardiothoracic Hospital to detailed understanding of.

At the time of pregnancy, the body will increase the burden, the load of the heart will also increase, in such circumstances will lead to arrhythmia, if the situation is more serious, we must go to the hospital for examination, then the treatment for conditions. When pregnant woman anemia, also can appear arrhythmia, then under the guidance of a doctor can appropriate iron, this can be very good to ease the situation in patients with arrhythmia. In general, the pregnant woman arrhythmia are caused by physiological factors, patients and their families need not too nervous.

Pregnant women arrhythmia may also be as a result of the disease itself, if pregnant women with heart disease during pregnancy, in the heart burden, there will be serious arrhythmia, but also make the heart disease exacerbations. To carry out the monitoring of pregnant women, once appear heart failure symptoms, it is likely to lead to heart failure. Heart disease is great for pregnant women and fetal effects, medical treatment must be timely inspection, and make reasonable intervention. During pregnancy should pay attention to rest, in the diet to ensure that nutrition, don't have mood swings too much.

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