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Vitamin pills are no substitute for Vegetable & Fruit, natural food is the best choice

Updated: Friday, Jul 24,2015, 1:51:59 PM
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Nutrition experts have pointed out that natural food is the best choice for vitamin supplements. In addition, a of abroad clinical study showed that continuous eating jujube patients, health recovery than simply eat vitamin preparations for fast more than 3 times. So it can be explained that the daily dietary supplements!

Lack of vitamin A, eye fatigue eat what food?

Many natural foods are rich in vitamin A. Chicken, duck, pig, sheep, cattle, fish liver are rich in vitamin A. Egg yolk and cream are also a good source of vitamin A. A lot of vegetables and fruits are also rich in vitamin A. Carotene can become vitamin A. In addition, the dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of vitamin A.

How to add B vitamins?

Vitamin B deficiency can cause mild fatigue, pain, depression, low efficiency. To supplement vitamin B, the most practical is the source of whole grains, beans and potato, such as red beans, soybeans, mung beans, oats, whole wheat food. In addition, lean pork and beef are also rich in vitamin B, but they also contain more saturated fat and cholesterol, only a small amount of food every day.

What is the complement of vitamin C to eat?

All kinds of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, hawthorn, fresh jujube, kiwi, strawberry, etc. are rich in vitamin C. Eat 1 oranges a day (or Kiwi), or 5 (strawberry or jujube), will be able to meet a day for vitamin C.

In general, a healthy balanced diet is sufficient to provide the human body full of vitamins and minerals, to avoid the lack of vitamins and minerals, and sick. Food is also rich in other nutrients, but also to promote the human body more nutrition absorption more comprehensive balance!

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