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Uterine fibroids will disappear? Postmenopausal most but natural subsidise

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 4:59:17 PM
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Research shows, uterine fibroids multiple in women of childbearing age, can be divided into single and multiple myoma of uterus myoma of uterus. Then the uterine fibroids will disappear?

The expert expresses, myoma of uterus is an estrogen dependent diseases, clinical show, the symptom is not apparent, the condition is not serious in patients with uterine fibroids in general can be taken without treatment, especially close to the female menopause. Because with the advent of menopause, women will usher in the menopause, postmenopausal women means the decline of ovarian function, estrogen secretion ability is abate, at this time, a small amount of estrogen stimulation, hysteromyoma basically will not grow, but also because of the lack of estrogen gradually atrophy. Therefore, for women close to menopause, doctors generally recommend that needs no special treatment, just need to regularly check can be, because this part of fibroids postmenopausal, most naturally atrophy.

So the uterine fibroids will disappear? The main problem for menopausal women in general are established, with the onset of menopause, uterine fibroids will slowly disappear. However, for younger patients, from the menstrual period and a period of time, this period does not guarantee of uterine fibroids do not continue to grow, therefore, for younger patients, need active treatment, especially in severe cases may be used muscle tumor resection surgery. But if the disease is dragging on too long, sometimes we have to use hysterectomy, which for most has the woman of birth demand is not acceptable.

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