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Types and Symptoms of lumber muscle strain

Updated: Tuesday, Aug 25,2009, 12:18:06 PM
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Types of back pain

Most of the readers of this web site will probably already have chronic pain and will more than likely have had a diagnosis, operation or tried some sort of symptomatic pain relief.

The details given about the different types of back pain are for information only and not for the purpose of self diagnosis.

The information provided by The Pain Clinic is to provide hope to pain sufferers that Pain Management Programmes and an holistic approach can be successful in reducing pain; even when you may feel that there is nothing left to try C there is!

Muscle Strain Symptoms

Swelling, bruising or redness, or open cuts as a consequence of the injury

Pain at rest

Pain when the specific muscle or the joint in relation to that muscle is used

Weakness of the muscle or tendons (A sprain, in contrast, is an injury to a joint and its ligaments.)

Inability to use the muscle at all


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