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Treatment of White Hair-Method

Updated: Monday, Aug 09,2010, 3:55:44 PM
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Method , recorded in Zhu Bing Yuan Hou Lun (General Treatise on the Causes and Symptoms of Diseases) (610), has three different exercises:
    1. After getting up in the morning, raise the right arm and bend it over the head to hold the left ear; at the same time, raise the left arm and bend it over the head to hold the right ear. Lift both ears simultaneously. Then pull the hair (see Fig. 2). Such practice can promote qi and blood circulation in the hair.

    2 Sit on the ground with the legs and arms stretched straight and the fingers pointing to the feet. Bend over and try to touch the head to the ground, thus exercising the spine to prevent disease and improving the qi and blood circulation in hair follicles to keep the hair growing fine. Then, sit on a chair with the legs relaxed and the feet spaced at 30 cm, and hold the shanks just above the ankles with the hands. Bend over with the head pointing towards the ground (see Fig. 3). Repeat twelve times. Such a movement of the spine is beneficial for preventing disease and leading the essential qi to nourish the hair so that it will keep shining black and soft.

    3. Bend the knees to form a right angle as if you were sitting, and do not let the buttocks touch the ground. Bend over, hold the toes and, turn them up with the hands. Then bend the head down towards the ground as much as possible (see Fig. 4). Such practice can send the qi of all the visceral organs to the head and is helpful for the treatment of deafness and blurred vision. Consistent practice will also blacken the white hair.

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