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Tibetan medicine diagnostic methods - Pulse Diagnosis

Updated: Saturday, Apr 11,2009, 10:45:42 AM
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Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Observation of thLongBiao

Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Observation of th...

Tibetan medicine diagnostic methods - Pulse Diagnosis

Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Method, examines diagnose of the Tibetan medicine mainly including taking a look at , touching , asking about three. Observation of the patient's complexion , tongue , expression , behaviour , etc. , one of the four methods of diagnosis is the shape observing a patient , the substandard complexion symbol in the body , urine and tongue among them are to concentrate on observing a marriage partner; Feeling is to touch chills and fever of the whole body , that smooth skin dry , protruding and so on, feels the pulse is a very important aspect; Diagnose through interrogation being to ask about cause of disease , the time being ill , diseasedness location , symptom etc.The diagnose coming to say to one kind of disease the sort, has to synthesize method , multianalysis wielding the various diagnose , then it is possible, reach the correct conclusion.

The Tibetan medicine diagnosis by feeling the pulse requires that the patient a day fasting liquor and meat before the diagnosis by feeling the pulse waits for the difficult digestion or food and drink that the nature temperature , nature let cool , keep fine daily life dietary habit and mood, diagnosis by feeling the pulse time elects during the period of first dew exposed to the sun , the patient does not talk time the diagnosis by feeling the pulse , does not shut a gas abruptly, to avoid affecting pulse.

Tibetan medicine location, and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine feeling the pulse are similar , have but difference a bit. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine feels the pulse taking that the wrist queen oar bone stem breaks out a place as "turn off" , palm side of turn off is an "inch" , elbow side of turn off is a "chi" , three location pushes down three wrist places to take pulse in proper order with the forefinger , middle finger , ring finger. Tibetan medicine feels the pulse also having according to Gan, that just divides, also use food , middle , nameless three fingers difference to feel according to Gan ,just three parts, but Tibetan medicine be located in wrist last the first bands place of one inch inch,

Tibetan medicine takes that the important lady points to the minor details length as one inch. Therefore, feeling the pulse of the Tibetan medicine location the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is partial to the fossa cubitalia headquarter comparatively a bit , this is difference first , second location. Besides, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is after examining one side first, pulse of examining another one side again, Tibetan medicine examines patient pulse of pair of oblique tones at the same time with retinue both hands sometimes. To life and death of critical patient prognosis, Tibetan medicine falling in the instep part sun pulse diagnose, pulse before death collects Shu first from place of remotely because of enough pulse and heart distance are the most distant.

Tibetan medicine feeling pulse with pressure degree of seriousness , place of also being different from the Han nationality medical science. Three point to at the same time when the Han nationality doctor of traditional Chinese medicine feels the pulse, put forth self's strength , sink three kinds strength pulse-taking in floating mark, mark of O.K. , duplicating each other though Tibetan medicine being unable to have light ,but be that the finger awaits on the basis of that the pulse place responds to but light note, in waiting for the sweet pulse place responding to note, but await that pulse just gets along is to need weight note. Tibetan medicine thinks that pulse condition can reflect human body internal organs state.

As far as sex be concerned, Tibetan medicine pulse of examining the male sex takes pulse of whose left hand as the standard , three touch is sure with doctor right hand; The female patient uses the right hand to see a doctor then , three point to a doctor with the left hand feel the pulse. The pulse examining another hand again is a reference.

Regular pulse condition of human body has overcast pulse , three kinds sun pulse , neuter pulse. The sun pulse pulse power thick but beats rhythmically slowly, overcast pulse pulse condition thin but beats rhythmically prompt, the neuter pulse stream is long but glossy , gentle but block of wood disease is swift. That Dr. the beginning of that , must distinguish a patient first in feeling the pulse when pulse condition is regular is to belong to the sun , is overcast or neuter.

Come to say the woman is overcast pulse much the sort, male person is sun pulse much, but neuter pulse is that men and women is without exception visible arrive at. Add the pulse inspecting , recognizing first peace and tranquility therefore be obliged to detailed, ability draws a clear distinction between abnormal pulse.

When being ill abnormal , have floating , heavy , big , thin , big , small , smooth , unsmooth , full , true , empty , late long , short , slow number more than 20 kinds such as tight , weak , rude , hard , soft , short , flat , blank , slow appear on pulse condition.

Different pulse condition reflects
different illness: Dragon disease , the sort are pulse float, thick the pulse
adding inanity , even but turn up intermittence pulse;

Careful but tight pulse of red bar of disease turn up;

Bacon disease , pulse condition are heavy but weak;

The hematonosis pulse: The smooth interest rate and height dash forward;

Huang Shui disease pulse:

Unsmooth but have just a little to tremble;

Parasitosis: Flat , have if being squeezed , move up and down then to both side;

Lepriasis: Unsmooth , also have a little of sometimes to tremble;

Disturb pyreticosis: Rude , float and may have the cunning elephant really, sometimes;

Certificate diffusing wound fever: Thin tight but become stiff; Acute communicable diseases pyreticosis: Thin and count; Leprosy pyreticosis: Flat , strong and weak intermittently , sometimes thin , have space-time;

Acute pain: Short but urge, if banner flies in heavy wind; Be poisoned: May be a careful number, but in the sometimes rude, strong or weak differ;

Flesh toxicosis: The careful number, is heavy but flat; Not mature heat: The careful number, floats if groundless;

Increase fever of holding: Great but tighten;

Obsolescence fever: Thin but tighten; Inanity fever: Void but worry; Recessiveness fever: Lower but tighten;

Confused heat: Heavy thin but count; Skin and external diseases generates heat: Thick , count but true;

Cacochylia: Big but true

Long then heavy thin lack in strength; Ruffian tumour phyma: Weak but no obvious;

The edema falls ill: Heavy thin , heavy pulse feeling pulse with pressure is tight; Injury or wound falls ill:

Organization middle have dead person, on one side, pulse condition does not appear. Running sore:

Careful number but shiver.

If being two kinds the above small side door abnormal pulse, resemble be complicated , not bad turn up compound pulse , other pulse appears also. Think that the disease betokens ill luck then , the prognosis is bad when some abnormal phenomena appearing on pulse condition. Pulse condition is on the contrary slim and weak when sending out a disease if the robust people of body constitution dashes forward , person pulse condition of aeipathia opposes elephant of presenting to float to most probably be no auspicious time circumstance of pulse condition completely opposite to disease character such as big , pyreticosis pulse condition appearing on cold certificate;
A volume is not obvious if inch of the Twelfth Earthly Branches ruler three parts pulse condition having , is that pulse of the five internal organs is incomplete , may rotate the become the dangerous disease or dead disease; The number beats rhythmically coming pulse till stopping abruptly , recovering at the moment, the pause and for regularity, is omen fast then. Pulse condition the woman being benefited in may appear smoothly when being pregnant, but being taller than to dash forward, kidney of right headquarter pulse moves the intense baby-raising male , left part kidney pulse moves the intense person baby-raising daughter.

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