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Three major dietary care principles of anti sexual dysfunction

Updated: Wednesday, Jul 08,2015, 3:21:50 PM
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Chinese and traditional medicine in the treatment of sexual dysfunction is a way of keeping good health, for thousands of years, has accumulated rich experience. In addition to in addition to medical drugs, folk therapy of food nutrition, diet and supplements have some solid Ben Peiyuan, kidney Gujing common diet, such as often in food consumption, on the prevention and treatment of sexual dysfunction is safe and effective. There are three major principles in the prevention of sexual dysfunction.

1, high quality protein. All kinds of animal food, such as chicken, duck, fish, eggs and so on, contain a large number of high quality protein, can be put forward to produce sperm need to use a variety of amino acids. Often eat beef, mutton, dog meat, bean products may make the penis and secondary sign of development, pigs, sheep, dog testis and placenta, optionally a, torrefaction levigation, each swallow 2 grams, 2 times a day, long-term use have a similar effect.

2, to maintain a sufficient amount of vitamin. Studies show that vitamin A and E are related to the maintenance of the function and to delay the aging related vitamin. They play a decisive role in promoting the development of testis, increasing the formation of sperm and enhancing the vitality of the sperm. Recovery of vitamin C on sexual function has positive effect, which is rich in fresh jujube, hawthorn, green peppers, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

3,  proper intake of fat and trace elements. Survey showed that long-term vegetarian women, age at menarche postponed, reduce the secretion of estrogen, decreased libido and affect reproductive capacity. Men because of the need to reduce the intake of fatty acids, sperm production is limited, a decline in sexual desire, and even infertility. Meanwhile, zinc is essential for the production of male hormones. To maintain a sufficient amount of trace elements, can promote the development of the testis, increase sperm production, but also improve the vitality of sperm, reduce the occurrence of sexual dysfunction.

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