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These healthy habits allow you to stay away from cardiovascular disease

Updated: Thursday, Mar 13,2014, 9:58:09 PM
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Healthy lifestyle to reduce cardiovascular disease and the risk of various chronic diseases is significant . However, many people began to think that middle-aged lifestyle changes , healthy lifestyle may be too late . Recently , King of the United States such as South Carolina Medical University study found that the age of 45 to 64 middle-aged healthy habits through can significantly reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease troubles Day (CVD) , and reduce mortality.

Fruits and vegetables can not replace
The researchers found that if these four kinds of middle-aged people can stick to healthy habits , including eating five daily servings of fruits and vegetables ( 1 serving of fruit is equivalent to a medium- sized apple , an equivalent of half a cup servings of vegetables chopped vegetables ) , each week for at least 2.5 hours of exercise , maintaining body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 ~ 29.9 kg/m2, not smoking, compared to those with unhealthy lifestyles , which can reduce the incidence of CVD by 35% , the mortality rate can be reduced to 40% .
Lifestyle interventions : easier said than done
A variety of chronic disease prevention guidelines are invariably noted the importance of lifestyle intervention in prevention. Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat high- energy , high- fat foods , limiting salt intake, increase physical activity and reduce sedentary lifestyle , has become a main theme of the lifestyle intervention.
However, to get people to abandon their old habits is not easy in practice. Modern life so that people get used to the car to go out , to work sitting in front of office computer , home to sit on the sofa watching TV. Movement is no longer a part of life must be . Speaking of lifestyle intervention , many people have this experience , that understand the truth of its significance, but also know what is a healthy lifestyle , but in real life it is often difficult to adhere to. Some people even passively think that they are of age has not small , then re- start lifestyle intervention was too late. However, the United States, this study strongly suggest that middle age began to develop from four kinds of healthy living habits , too late to prevent CVD .
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