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These bad habits ruin your teeth

Updated: Thursday, Jul 09,2015, 3:47:35 PM
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Chew ice

A lot of people think natural ice does not contain sugar, summer refrigerator frozen some small pieces of ice, or ice cream, hot days from the outside back can chew, rapid cooling. In fact, chewing hard, frozen ice or ice, will hurt your teeth. Because in the process of chewing ice, will stimulate the teeth and soft tissue inside, it is easy to cause toothache. Whether it is hot food or cold food, often eat will quickly lead to toothache. So, when you want to chew ice, you might as well try sugar free chewing gum instead.

A molar tooth

Molars, usually caused by stress and sleep habits, make it difficult to control. Therefore, during the day should avoid eating hard food, reduce the pain and damage to the teeth. You can try to sleep at night wearing braces, prevent molar tooth damage.

Eat gum

All sugary snacks are likely to cause tooth decay, but should pay more attention to some candy. For example, it is easy to stick in the gum, teeth, cause tooth decay. If you really like to eat sweets, try to eat after a meal, don't take it as a separate snack. Because the saliva is more than in the table, which helps to wash away the sweet and sour.

With teeth

Some people are used to open a bottle of beer, or open the plastic wrap. Although it is convenient to do this, but it is a great deal of damage to the teeth. Use your teeth as a tool that will cause it to break. On the contrary, things open with scissors and bottle opener is the right way to. Please remember, your teeth should be only used for eating.

Drink sports drinks

There is no doubt, then exercise a bottle of iced sports drinks, refreshing. However, sports drinks containing sugar will be relatively high, they can damage tooth enamel. After exercise to maintain the best way to keep the body moisture, is to a cup of boiled water.


Cigarettes, and other tobacco products, not only the teeth will turn black to yellow, but also may lead to the occurrence of periodontal disease. Smoking can cause oral cancer, lip cancer, oral cancer and other diseases.

Drinking red wine

Red wine in acid will erode the enamel of the teeth, make teeth more susceptible to discoloration damage. Red wine also contains a kind of substance called tannin, although this substance is beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, but its color is also very easy to be infected with the teeth.

Binge drinking

Studies have found that binge eating often involves an excess of sweets, which eventually lead to dental caries. Bulimia can lead to serious health problems all. Because often vomiting and taking laxatives and other easily lead to complications, such as injury of teeth, lips etc..

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