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The sun may contribute to weight loss and prevention of diabetes

Updated: Friday, Nov 07,2014, 5:02:48 PM
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The scientists found that, go out in the sun may contribute to weight loss. The researchers said, moderate ultraviolet irradiation can help the body to release a protein important in delaying the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus. They found that exposure of skin, release of nitric oxide in the sun plays an important role in the The new supersedes the old. in.

Researchers from University of Edinburgh and the University of Southampton experiments with mice after getting these findings. They think, the sun is a new health advice. University of Edinburgh dermatology senior lecturer, Dr Richard Weller said: "as the study we carried out the same research project is to help us to deeply understand the mystery of the sun is beneficial to human body. We must remember, skin cancer is not only a kind of can kill our diseases, important factors or a balance we make the sunlight suggestion."

In close cooperation with the scientist's research group and Western Australia Perth, Trathen children Institute scientists, found many mice exposed to UV light slow weight gain. The mouse showed fewer signs of type 2 diabetes and warning, such as abnormal levels of glucose and insulin resistance etc..

Ultraviolet treatment about the beneficial effects and nitric oxide. The skin is exposed to sunlight will release the protein. This kind of material plays an important role in our digestion and processing food and sugar, has the prevention of diabetes and other harmful metabolic disease potential. "Diabetes" magazine published the latest study. Warning scientists responsible for the research, as a result of their findings from mouse, so it could not accurately replicate to humans.

The researchers noted that more study is needed, can confirm exposure in the sun is on weight loss and diabetes risk has the same effect. The mouse is furry nocturnal animals, not regularly exposed to high levels of sunlight, which is an important reason for more research must be carried out. But the previous studies on people showed nitric oxide can lower blood pressure. The new study Wheeler responsible and provide new evidence for the moderate exposure in the sun is good for the health point of view.

Professor Martin Ferris of the University of Southampton said: "these observations further suggest that nitric oxide skin release may not only be good for the heart and blood vessels, and to help the body metabolism control." Dr. Shelley Gorman Terreson children's Research Institute in Australia said: "our findings are important, because they show skin inadvertently exposed to sunlight with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet may help prevent children from becoming obese."

Other scientists also supports these findings. But they warn that in the sun according to the sun for too long may increase the risk of skin cancer. Professor David Rey of the University of Manchester said: "this is one of the most important research. It is shown that factors other than diet lifestyle may help prevent weight gain and diabetes. These findings support the idea that a healthy lifestyle should be included into the outdoor sun. It is not only conducive to exercise, but also good for the skin. At the same time, it also has positive and obvious influence to the high risk population. Muslim women belong in this class. They put the body package thenightbeingdarkandfrosty, skin not exposed to sunlight, but the future they can get help from drug intervention."

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