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The invisible condom safe contraception and enhance life

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 28,2014, 2:57:07 PM
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The invisible condom safe contraception and enhance life

At present, the common forms of contraception have condoms, contraceptives, in vitro sperm row etc.. However, these methods are unsatisfactory.

Condom although can play a good contraceptive effect, but many people are on the very exclusion. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 80% men are doesn't like use of condoms.

But the side effects of the pill is known, the pill because of containing hormone, women taking will appear after the body fat, weight gain, rough skin, in addition to adverse reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, menstrual disorders. In particular, emergency contraception within a month can only be used once, excessive and frequent use will bring to the body damage, and even affect fertility.

As for the essence of the platoon outside, this method failure rate is very high, and will affect the health of men. So, is there a safe and humane contraception?

The invisible condom contraceptive methods can overcome the above shortcomings, can not only safe contraception, but also can enhance lubrication, improve the quality and taste of life.

First of all, the invisible condom is double shielding contraceptive method, a foam filled with vaginal and cervical mouth, forming a physical barrier to prevent the sperm into the uterus; on the other hand, the surfactant RH4 sperm quality and make the sperm membrane dissolution of inactivation, so as to achieve the effective contraception.

Secondly, foam forming a layer of protective film in the vaginal wall, effectively preventing the invasion of the virus may; having good lubrication effect, not only to prevent injury, but also improves the quality and taste of life.

The invisible condom is best in room 3 minutes prior to use

The invisible condom how the proper use of it? Because the foam will take some time to film, in vivo, therefore, the best in 3 - 5 minutes before sexual intercourse is sprayed into the vagina. In order to enhance the contraceptive effect, after 1 to 5 minutes can be used once.

Before use, the tank body under the shock of shake; the guide rod small end is inserted into the tank at the upper end of the spray nozzle; inverted tank, the guide rod big end slowly into the vaginal cavity depths, the guide rod is inserted into the vagina to 6-8 cm is appropriate, full of the vagina with the index finger to press the nozzle until the bubble ejection (limited to just overflow Yin crossing), and then the guide bar slowly out of. The guide rod after use clean water, can be used for many times.

Allergic caution invisible condoms; pregnant women and women's menstrual disabled. In addition, in the purchase of invisible condoms, in addition to attention to regular pharmacies, shopping malls to buy, should also pay particular attention to whether there is a "medical equipment production license and registration" product packaging.

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