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The impact of sex life on the gout

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 27,2010, 3:35:11 PM
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1, gout on the impact of sexual function and sexual desire

Gout itself, or hyperuricemia men's sexual function does not exist on adverse effects gout patients have normal sexual function and reproductive ability. But when the gouty arthritis has been developed to joint deformity when the number of sex life will cause inconvenience, such as knee pain and swelling, the use of male and upper posture will have painful intercourse discomfort feeling.

However, if the patient had urinary system stones gout, leading to urinary tract blockage, poor urine flow, it is easy to cause urinary tract infections, sexual life is one of the incentives of this infection. If the patient later developed into renal failure, the impact on sexual function is a self-evident.

2, sex life on the impact of gout

Men have a history of gout, if over-indulgence, gout attack frequency of frequent serious condition phenomenon is very common. Therefore, emphasis on drug treatment, control diet, control, moderate alcohol consumption should be accompanied by the appropriate sex life.

3, sex life guidance

Gout patients must adhere to the medication, and the restraint too frequent sex life. Generally middle-aged man no more than 1 time per week for the degrees. If the disease has developed to the relevant section of deformity, swelling, pain, should be taken on the men and women under the bit positions for sexual intercourse in order to protect the joints in patients with pain and avoid the bear the weight, otherwise it will result in joint damage. Patients with urinary tract stones, should pay attention to sexual health, to prevent urinary tract infections. When a patient has significant renal damage is not suitable for sex life.

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