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The elderly hearing impaired leads to confidence drops

Updated: Monday, Jun 30,2014, 9:54:00 AM
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Psychology researchers at Gothenburg University in Sweden found: hearing impaired elderly will lead to the ability and confidence drops, the character will become less friendly and cheerful.

The researchers selected 400 elderly people aged 80~98 years old, were followed for 6 years for them. These old people every two years to accept a physiological, psychological development direction and certain personality characteristics of the evaluation, including extraversion and emotional stability, friendly and cheerful. Analysis results show that remains constant, even in this period of emotional stability of elderly people, with age, most of them have become less friendly and cheerful.

This is the first study to confirm the relationship between hearing loss and personality changes, hearing loss will directly affect the quality of life of the elderly. Therefore, the family if found the old man have hearing loss situation, should go to hospital in time, treat, or follow the doctor recommends wearing hearing aid.

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