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The adjustment of hyperlipemia fat diet

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 07,2016, 2:39:37 PM
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1, soybean

Soybean and its products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and lecithin, the three can reduce the blood cholesterol. Especially important is the saponins in soybean and its products also contain soybean (such as Soybean Milk cook up when float that layer of foam material), which can effectively reduce the blood fat, lose weight and also has a role in the prevention of atherosclerosis.

2, cucumber

Cucumber contains fine fiber, has the role of promoting the excretion of intestinal waste material and reduce cholesterol. In addition, the cucumber contains alcohol acid, can inhibit the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, especially for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

3, onion

Allyl sulfide its lipid-lowering efficacy with onions contain two amino acids and a small amount of these substances are glycosides, in addition to blood cholesterol can prevent atherosclerosis, prevent cardiovascular disease is the ideal food.

4, garlic

The study found that the essential oil of garlic has the function of inhibiting the aggregation of platelets, and can achieve the effect of preventing thrombosis. Clinical research results showed that the subjects were 50 grams daily consumption of garlic, 6 days after the days of serum total cholesterol, glycerin three fat and low density lipoprotein cholesterol levels were significantly lower than before the test.

A number of studies have shown that smoking and alcohol can increase blood viscosity, but if you eat raw garlic, it will partially offset the adverse effects.

Epidemiological study showed that in the area of 20 grams per day per person per day, the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases was significantly lower than that of non edible raw garlic.

Reduce blood pressure in patients with mild hypertension, if every morning to eat several cloves of vinegar garlic, two tablespoon of vinegar and drink juice, after half a month will reduce the blood pressure of patients with hypertension. In addition, regular consumption of garlic in patients with hypertension, but also beneficial to reduce blood pressure.

5, ginger

Ginger contains an organic compound similar to salicylic acid, dilute solution of the diluent and anti coagulant agent, to reduce blood fat, lowering blood pressure, prevent thrombosis has a good effect.

6, turtle

The turtle has nourishing Yin, tonic effect. Experiments show that the turtle can effectively reduce the content of cholesterol after high fat diet.


Adlay can reduce blood fat and blood sugar, promote the The new supersedes the old. have a diuretic effect, effectively improve the edema, and barley relatively low heat, eat not fat. And pearl barley is rich in soluble fiber, can improve constipation, eliminate accumulation of toxins in the body.

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