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The Relationship between Yin-Yang and Tai Chi Five Elements to Human

Updated: Wednesday, Jun 17,2009, 9:49:39 AM
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Chinese ancient philosopher thought this point is unlimited so it also called no-Ji form, and took a example of Chinese ancient philosopher how to understand Tai Chi: Zhou Dun yi (1017-1073) Song dynasty of China, philosopher, He concerned Tai Chi as No Ji so Tai Chi. Tai Chi moves so Yang born, Moving Ji so Yin born, Yin Ji makes movement again. Therefore, both move and still are roots of Ji; Yin and Yang make Ji exiting both sides. Yin and Yang move and flow, so it generates Water, Fire, wood, Metal and Earth. Five elements stay in order as well as the four seasons in turn. Five elements makes Yin-Yang, Yin-Yang makes Tai Chi, Tai Chi makes universal origin which was non-Ji.

TCM Advisory -- Yin and Yang theory is a very important part of Chinese traditional philosophy and science, while Tai Chi means the primary point of universal.

This means that the universal including heaven, mankind, earth is initially from Tai Chi. Tai Chi became the root and principle of the heaven, man and the earth. Therefore, human behaviors will follow along with the rule of the Tai Chi.

The rule of Tai Chi is Move and Still. Move generates Yang while still generate Yin; Yin and Yang separated into two end points, which are the heaven and earth.

Yang is constantly changing and Yin is continually adjusting so that adjustment and changing produced Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, which are 5 elements.

The birth of human was the expression of law of Yin and Yang. Yin is woman and Yang is man. Then generation changes one by one forever no-ending.

Therefore, comparing with other things in the universal, the human is the most talent thing because it got the essential of Yin-Yang five elements from universal.

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