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The Chinese folks pulls out a fire bottle-Burn a day fire

Updated: Saturday, Mar 07,2009, 4:54:13 PM
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The Chinese folks pulls out a fire bottle - Burn a day fireadmin

The Chinese folks pulls out a fire bottle - Burn a day fire...

The Chinese folks pulls out a fire bottle - "Burn a day fire"

The reply type repairs Xie skill-burn for a day, fire, deeply the day be cool. "Deeply the day is cool" is a needle method, the Yu cave is a human body the pure and hot Xie be fiery of want a pass, give this needle method since easily go and even valid.
This"deeply the day be cool" with"burn for a day, fire" two sets of needle methods in repair Xie is the most in common use pinprick skill, the essential point of deep"enter 1 inch inside, go the number of six Yins" of the An needle's method. 
 The plastics bottle is afraid poisonous, the suggestion uses a glass cup,Tube-shaped container



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