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Ten kinds of sleeping food

Updated: Friday, Aug 07,2015, 4:41:23 PM
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Sleeping food is just as the name suggests is to help the sleep of the food, for a sleep problem of friends, in a bit of sleep before going to bed is a good choice. But, what are the sleeping food for home? Don't worry, we will take you to know about it.

1, banana

Banana is actually wrapped in peel "sleeping pills", it besides containing rich in serotonin and N - acetyl - 5 - methoxy primary amine, rich magnesium can cause the muscles to relax.

2, chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea became the preparation before going to bed tea beverage of choice, mainly because of the soft Shumian function, is the best natural gas Concentrated Static prescription.

3, warm milk

Before going to bed drink a cup of warm milk helps to sleep is already well-known, because milk contains a lubricious ammonia acid, it can be like the amino acids (amino acid food) that play a calming effect. And calcium (calcium) can help the brain to make full use of tryptophan. Will moderate milk in the bottle, it will give you a warm feeling of back to childhood, gently tell you to relax, everything is very good

4, honey (honey food)

A lot of sugar with excitement, but a small amount of grape (Vitis vinifera food sugar can timely to imply that the brain secretion orexin (phenyl dihydro quinazoline), which is a newly discovered with the thinking of the reaction related neural transmitters. So drop a few drops of honey to warm milk or vanilla tea also helps to relax before going to bed.

5, potatoes

A small baked potato is not to destroy your gastrointestinal tract, but it can remove those acid compounds that interfere with the effect of tryptophan. If mixed with warm milk made of mashed potatoes, the effect will be more good oh!

6, oatmeal

Oat is valuable to share, containing rich N- acetyl -5- methoxytryptamine. Cook a bowl of cereal (cereal), add a little honey mixture which is appropriate. Try hard to chew, enough to fill your hole.

7, almond

Almonds also contain tryptophan and relaxed muscle medicine -- magnesium. So eat a small amount of heart health (health food) another way the nuts are also hypnosis!

8, flax seed

Flax seeds can be called "natural food", which is rich in Omega-3 and fatty acids. When your life encounters obstacles, when you're depressed, try to sprinkle two tablespoons of flax on your comfort, and you may have an unexpected effect.

9, whole wheat bread

A slice of toast, tie-in tea and honey can help the body to release insulin and the insulin can make to the human brain tryptophan and serotonin in the conversion. Just as if someone had whispered in his ear: "it's time to sleep".

10, Turkey

Every Thanksgiving Day, people can play fragrant nap. These are due in Turkey. It is considered to be the best source of tryptophan. But it's only a modern folk tale. When your stomach is empty and not full, there is a considerable amount of carbohydrates rather than a large amount of protein (protein food). Put one or two thin slices of Turkey on a number of whole wheat bread at night, and maybe you'll start your sleep in the kitchen.

If the food above can't help you get to sleep, maybe you need to check your sleep habits, what's the reason for you to stay so excited in the night.

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