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Sweets can be poisoned by eating too much

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 11,2017, 7:27:00 PM
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Sweet food can induce most people's pursuit of good food. The more sweets they eat, the more they want to eat. There is a feeling that they can not stop at all, and even the symptoms of addiction to sweet food. Sweets will be poisoned too much, in daily life, we should pay attention to several dietary taboos, in order to prevent sweets poisoning. What dietary taboos should we pay attention to in our daily life? Follow the small make up, take a look at it! Desserts often contain a lot of white sugar, including the rice we eat every day. It also contains a lot of "sugar", whether it's white sugar or starch, which makes people's blood sugar rise rapidly. After a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, it drops rapidly because insulin keeps trying to reduce excessive blood sugar in the blood. Once the insulin try so hard, people will be abnormally low blood sugar, then prone to brain energy supply shortage, while the brain is "self judgment that will require more sugar to energy supply", so people will further produce for sweets needs further lead to low blood glucose levels lead to brain energy supply shortage...... Thus, a vicious circle is entered. That is to say, people have a natural demand for sweets, which has a lot to do with the fluctuation of blood sugar in our body. Sugar is the "culprit" that steals vitamins" Vitamin B1 has loved that sugar metabolism for energy function, but once excessive sugar intake, will lead to the decomposition of sugar, this will take a lot of also has other functions of vitamin B1, vitamin B1 deficiency caused by the body. Once the human body lacks vitamin B1, there will be a series of symptoms such as fatigue, edema, irritability, depression, and people in order to eliminate the mental instability, could not help but to reach out for sweets, sweets in DA can give people a sense of happiness, the happiness always since sweets and the sense of the end result is, people can not leave the sweets, resulting in weight increase, resulting in a variety of lifestyle diseases. In addition, sugar or diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, collagen disease, infertility, irregular menstruation and other diseases of the culprit, eat more sweets, harmful to health. The five trick is to prevent your blood sugar from rising dramatically Any food has its own good and bad sides. Even though the sugar in the refined sugar and white rice brings a series of health problems, it will rebound if you don't eat any candy at all. Whether the patient was normal, stable blood glucose control is very important, you can according to the following five points to implement, to effectively prevent a sharp rise in blood sugar. (1) mix rice with brown rice Usually when cooking, may be white and brown rice are mixed according to the ratio of 3:1 after boiling, accustomed to the taste, the proportion will slowly changed to 2:1 or 1:1, as far as possible to reduce the consumption of refined rice, increase grain crops, to better keep blood sugar stable. (2) when you have a sweet tooth, stand for 30 minutes When the desire for sweets, must not indulge themselves immediately put his hand to the sweets, best first 30 minutes with, in this process, you can do some sports, look at micro-blog or chat with friends, but it is best not to involve any sweets and related topics, perhaps after 30 minutes, your brain is no longer the sweets have such strong demand, you don't need to eat extra sweets. (3) eat Western food according to order If you go to the restaurant to eat Western food, it is best to eat in accordance with the order of Western food itself, that is, first eat, brush, salad, and then drink soup...... In fact, this eating order is very healthy and careful, because it is not easy to raise blood sugar. Eating at home is also a good idea to start with soup or vegetables, then start eating staple foods and eating meat. (4) replace the white sugar with fructose or sweetener Fructose and sweetener for sugar relative blood glucose fluctuation is smaller, but also can meet people for the "sweet sweet" demand, but it is important to note that, despite the impact of fructose and glucose but not sweeteners, also contain energy, excessive consumption will still be a burden, to the accumulation of body fat, so we should pay attention to the amount of control. (5) you might as well change your sweet into nuts When people wanted to eat sweets, may wish to eat nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and other nuts, which not only can inhibit the sense of fasting, and rich in vitamin E and high-quality fatty acids, there are certain benefits for health. However, the oil content of nuts is also very large, daily food intake should be controlled within one. There is a saying that white sugar is a benefit without harm, although the argument is too extreme for white sugar is unfair, but control of refined sugar intake, free yourself from "sweet food poisoning", for your health more role. You might as well take action immediately and control your sweet food intake.

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