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Summer drink milk should pay attention to 5 points for better absorption of nutrients

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 07,2015, 3:54:56 PM
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1, milk should not be cold

Because the cold milk will affect the gastrointestinal movement function, cause mild diarrhea, so that most of the nutrients in milk can not be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, in the summer of drinking milk is best to drink milk at room temperature, or put the cold milk for a moment to drink, or to choose more easily absorbed fermented milk products.

2, milk is best to drink slowly

Some people on the digestion and absorption of milk is not very good, therefore, in the drinking milk to control the speed of drinking, the best is slowly drinking. And sipping the milk can fully contact to milk and saliva digestive enzymes, can let the milk in the gastrointestinal residence longer has sponsored absorption.

3, not fasting drink milk

Milk is a high protein content of food, fasting drink milk, protein in the absence of sugar and fat was forced to turn to energy consumption, and can not play to its due role in the nutrition, which is a great waste of milk. In addition, fasting drink milk, milk in the stomach to stay for a short time, can not be fully enzymatic hydrolysis, soon to enter the intestine, affecting the digestion and absorption of milk.

4, summer open bag milk is not suitable for a long time

Due to the high temperature of summer, milk is a good medium for bacteria, the number of hours after boiling milk to cool down, it will be contaminated with bacteria and reproduction, easy to cause intestinal disease after drinking. So, do not drink the milk to be stored in the refrigerator, the temperature control in the 10 degrees, but it is not suitable for a long time, in order to prevent bacterial contamination and nutritional components were destroyed.

5, these people in the summer should not drink milk

In the hot summer, drinking milk can be added as a result of the body's sweat and the loss of water, but also to increase the nutrition, which is very useful for the summer to keep healthy. But some people don't drink milk in summer. Some weak stomach, there is a food stagnation of the patient, the excess of the nutrition and the people who have the phlegm dampness is not suitable for drinking milk in the summer.

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