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Seven key points of acupuncture weight loss

Updated: Friday, Sep 12,2014, 5:43:46 PM
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(1) local obesity is often the local outstanding performance overall obesity, acupuncture and local slimming effect is very good, but with the overall weight loss simultaneously, in order to achieve a more obvious effect.

(2) acupuncture weight loss during treatment is not stopped, the best conditions were 1 times a day, at least adhere to 3 courses, in order to achieve better long-term effects. Obesity is severe, should take the 3 course of 1 stages, each stage of 1 interval of 1 to 3 months of continuous treatment, not too long. Time to treatment in the spring and summer is better.

(3) acupuncture combined with diet effect is better, with the control diet principle is: the intake of high protein, low fat, low sugar, three meals a day is indispensable, dinner try to advance. Increases the movement: during treatment with the appropriate outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging, weight loss will make the effect more obvious.

(4) acupuncture weight loss the most appropriate age is between 20 to 40 years old, but there are also individual differences. Objectively speaking, some people use acupuncture weight loss method and the effect is not obvious, for effective people, acupuncture weight loss is a gradual process. If you expect a few needles can become slim figure, it is not realistic.

(5) according to the specific situation of obesity, with Chinese herbs, herbal tea, medicated bath, massage and other methods may be necessary, can shorten the course of treatment, improve the curative effect.

(6) a temporary weight loss is slow or stagnant platform period or valid will lose weight in the process, the former is no more than 1 courses of treatment, the condition can continue according to the original plan. If seen in weight loss late weight close to normal, have consolidated curative effect therapeutic implications of this period. The latter is common in the diet (object is not fat or overweight but without the accumulation of fat), or for patients with acupuncture produces tolerance, can be taken to change the method of acupuncture stimulation or better, adjust the treatment method.

(7) if the acupuncture, the patients with dizziness, pain, nausea and other symptoms, adverse reaction belongs to acupuncture, therapy should be interrupted immediately, to prevent the occurrence of danger. In the course of treatment, there may be

Anorexia, thirst, urine number increase, fatigue and other reactions, these all belong to the normal phenomenon. Because through acupuncture treatment, the intrinsic function is adjusted ceaselessly, promote The new supersedes the old. accelerate constantly, energy consumption, and some clinical symptoms. Wait until the re establishment of equilibrium, these symptoms will disappear.

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