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Self-made Slimming Tea

Updated: Friday, Mar 12,2010, 3:44:56 PM
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We have often lamented Lao Zhongqing three-generation women have the graceful figure in the Korean drama, , in fact, it is relate with all the countrymen to promote the beauty, once get attention to it, then the overall level will be increased. Korean medicine is derived from the Chinese medicine; traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss has also have great effect, in which representatives of the King by Zhao Heng, advocated herbal tea to lose weight is a very popular method, it enjoy great fame in local people. For different types of obesity, she opened a different prescription.

Peony Tea – fit for cold hands and feet people

Some women often feel the cold hands and feet, in fact, because their blood circulation is not smooth, so the promotion of peony tea drinking to promote blood circulation, the body will build up around the congestion eliminated from the body. Approach is very simple, 15 grams of dried wild peony with 400 ml of water boiled together until the remaining half of the weight, and then add ginger, honey and dates.

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