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Recipe treatment of hair loss

Updated: Sunday, Dec 27,2009, 2:01:53 PM
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The first step is to understand it --

Hair types Quest - is divided into male baldness, Alopecia areata, female bald and so on, the right medicine is better.

Causes of male pattern hair loss - hereditary factors and something called dihydrotestosterone (referred to as DHT) is a special hormone of the main factors leading to male hair loss.

Analysis of eight female hair loss reason - illness, high fever, the pressure of the leading causes of female hair loss.

Together with the ginger and Chinese wolfberry boils water, multi-cook for a while, and then put on clean hair, then set up the hair down to about half an hour later and let it dry naturally, about half a day after the first net. This continued for a month, will be back to normal.

I pulled over a month ago because of hair, hair pulled, and have been a lot a lot of hair falls out, but also from the kind of rooting out, this method is another forum JM taught, last Sunday test a moment, because time is just a bit dry and sleep late the next morning before washing, washed with water, and then again used deep-sea mud Di hair color film, the results for one-off hair is greatly reduced by half.

Temporary method of hair to cover up - if it can not cure, and only out of such an unwise move, but do not because of hair loss affected their own mentality and even self-confidence.

Is really very effective, but simple and natural, absolutely green.

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