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Psychiatric symptoms of hypoglycemia

Updated: Wednesday, Jan 27,2010, 3:59:22 PM
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Hypoglycemia is a common diabetes complication during the treatment, however, most people think that nothing more than the symptoms of low blood sugar palpitations, sweating, hunger and discomfort, but I wonder if there are even more confusing psychiatric symptoms, it is capacity cause misdiagnosis, wrong administration.

For low blood sugar caused by psychiatric symptoms, psychiatrist, it summed up as four:

1. Hazy early stage: the unconscious barriers, subjective feeling of weakness, sweating, hunger, palpitations, drowsiness, shortness of breath, hand-Shun;

2. Hazy period: consciousness began to blur to the meaning of muddy stage, unresponsive, vague language, executable simple commands, such as the mouth, Shen She may have emotional release, shouting, Ku Xiao, excitement, restlessness, or sleeping, not words, less moving;

3. Turbid period: disturbance of consciousness deepened, and the second signal system suppression, respiratory shall not be, or a variety of stimulus in the same monotonous answers may appear primitive actions, such as licking lips, Shen She and primitive reflexes, muscle tension to increase , hemifacial spasm, the body clonus, but the pain reflex exists;

4. Unconsciousness period: complete loss of consciousness, pain response disappeared, no response to the outside world, systemic muscle relaxation, light, corneal reflex exists, mouth flow, deep breathing slowly, and may have pathological reflex.

Clinicians must take full advantage of these phases of clinical manifestations, and strive to advance as well as dim dim a view to achieve the timely medical treatment, such as into the turbid phase, coma period of processing before it is too late, even despite medical treatment, but leaving a clear sequelae, because brain cells may be due to long-term low blood sugar lead to irreversible damage. Of the last century 90's, we met an elderly patients with diabetes hypoglycemia, as to catch up with the Chinese New Year, family members of patients to the hospital early Sancai missed the best time of their treatment by our full treatment, while recovering a statement, but has become a vegetative state, can not be restored.

Be noted that not all patients have low blood sugar significantly the performance of these four, some patients (especially the elderly) can be no significant performance in the first period of 1,2, but soon enter the turbid phase, coma period. If not timely medical treatment and often easy to cause deaths.

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