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Prostate massage don't blindly, can cause prostatitis illness

Updated: Wednesday, Sep 03,2014, 3:23:23 PM
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Prostatitis what medicine to eat good, this is the most common question many patients. But in addition to outside medicine, also can be treated through self massage of prostate, have certain effect to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. But because of various reasons, can really be regular, regular massage treatment patients rarely. Moreover, prostate massage is not for everyone, if instructions do not follow the doctor, blind massage, will aggravate the prostatitis patients.

It is reported, prostate massage therapy is through the regular prostate massage, to drainage of prostatic fluid, inflammatory substances and to remove from the prostatic secretion accumulation, improve local blood circulation, an auxiliary treatment promote inflammation absorption and extinction. For the full bodied, soft, prostatic secretions more patients, self massage is a simple and effective method.

Prostate massage recommended weekly, 4 - 8 times as a course of treatment, the symptom of prostatitis can be reduced after a massage and then monthly, consecutive months in order to consolidate curative effect. The married man regular sexual intercourse can also promote prostate liquid deposition drainage, coital time arrangement and prostate massage to stagger.

Note the prostate massage:

1, if the prostate is apparent tenderness, the acute inflammation, not suitable for massage;

2, suspected prostate tuberculosis, tumor patients; acute episode of chronic prostatitis; prostate atrophy or sclerosis patients not massage;

3, prostate massage to avoid using fingertips, in order to avoid injury.

Methods 4, beginners often too light, should be appropriately increased, to open the drawer with the index finger into the belly tables within the force is appropriate, but avoid using violence.

Prostate massage therapy is a kind of prostatitis self therapy, which belongs to the auxiliary treatment, helps to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis, can not completely replace other therapy. Chronic prostatitis patients should be under the guidance of a doctor, to learn massage. When in the process of self massage, found that prostate tenderness obviously, cystic enhancement, we must promptly to the hospital, to avoid delay treatment.

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