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Nursing of intestinal allergy, probiotics + bacteria

Updated: Monday, Mar 07,2016, 2:36:58 PM
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Want to get rid of allergies, the first from the protection of good intestinal health! The nutrition is stressed that the intestinal tract is not only responsible for the digestion and absorption of food, but also the largest organ in the body. It contains a series of specific immune mechanisms. If you can make the intestinal health, natural help to maintain the immune system to balance, to avoid the cause of allergies. And protect the intestinal key lies in how to fully ingested probiotics and probiotics, to maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria and bad bacteria.

Anti allergy to raise the intestinal inflammation is the key to reduce the reaction

Why do you want to be successful anti allergy, you must start from the maintenance of intestinal health? In this regard, gaominmin nutritionists explained that this is because when bowel health, will lead to digestive function decline; the eaten food can not be effectively absorbed by the body, in the intestine continuous accumulation of fermentation, causing chronic inflammation, induced allergic be caused by. Therefore, to maintain intestinal health, in the fight against allergies on the road, is a very important key.

Protect intestinal health to do so! Prebiotics probiotics + 2 magic can not be less

As for the intestinal health or not the basis for the judgment, and the intestinal flora is closely related to the ecological balance! What is notable is, when it comes to intestinal flora ecological balance, the majority for the first time only thought of the importance of good bacteria, but neglect to make good bacteria smoothly in the intestinal growth and reproduction, "prebiotics" uptake is indispensable!

What are "prebiotics and probiotics", what is the difference? Gaominmin nutritionist pointed out that if the comparison of probiotics against the bad bacteria, protect the intestinal health of guarded by soldiers; then "prebiotics" is to provide forage for soldiers physical strength and energy.

In addition, "prebiotics" can provide good bacteria produce organic acid and other acidic substances, keep the intestinal acid condition, take the fancy of alkaline environment bad bacteria, not easy to live and reproduce. Therefore, in addition to health intestinal probiotic supplement, "prebiotics" uptake is also very important.

"Prebiotics" uptake knowledge! 4 kinds of food to eat the most healthy

Among them, a member of dietary fiber, wood oligosaccharides, fructo oligosaccharide and probiotics fermentation products and other ingredients is the prebiotics. However, Taka Minmin stressed that the single individual intake, may wish to eat from the following daily life of the 4 major categories of natural food intake, more diverse and comprehensive, there is protection.

First types of whole valley rhizome

Oats, rice, potato, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and other tubers of whole grain food, rich in dietary fiber and prebiotics. Moderate intake to promote intestinal peristalsis, increase the volume of feces, accelerate the operation of the body to digest and absorb, and then reduce the time of food hoarding in the intestine.

In particular, if all of the ingredients to be mixed oats, brown rice, sweet potato, rice and, instead of refined white rice as a staple food intake, more effective use of its nutrition composition of intestinal bacteria to provide nutrients for the best way.

Second types of beans

Soybeans, soybeans and other legumes food containing water soluble dietary fiber, moderate consumption helps to provide good bacteria enough nutrients. However, Taka Minmin is also a reminder of the nutrition, want to get beans nutrition, preferably with the whole grain of beans, for example: Huang Doucao rice.

Third kinds of vegetables

Among them, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, containing abundant non water soluble dietary fiber, not only can provide good bacteria enough nutrients, the more clear the role of intestinal waste.

As black fungus, white fungus, it contains rich plant gum, water soluble dietary fiber, in addition to being good bacteria, moderate intake of more promote intestinal peristalsis. In addition, burdock, onion, asparagus, and other foods containing oligosaccharides, are also one of the ingredients for prebiotics quite good.

Fourth kinds of fruits

Fruit besides containing rich in vitamins and phytochemicals outside, but also human intake of dietary fiber and bacteria of important sources. For example, apples, kiwi fruit, banana contains a lot of water lysigenous of dietary fiber, such as bacteria, if with containing abundant probiotics no sugar yogurt, sugar free yogurt eating together, to maintain intestinal flora ecological health is a lot of benefits.

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