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Methods self testing of kidney stones

Updated: Friday, Sep 09,2016, 3:38:55 PM
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Kidney stones can cause low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, it will make people low back pain. How to distinguish it? The First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Nephrology director Zhang Zhu teach you some tips for self testing of kidney stones.

If you can put right back, left palm on the right side of the waist, right fist to hit the back of left hand. If the patient's kidney stones, the kidneys will feel very painful, because there are stones in the kidney, there is vibration. If the lumbar muscle strain or disc herniation caused by muscle strain, knocking up but will feel comfortable and relaxed. If the location of stones in the ureter, the pain will be very intense, wringing pain, the pain of people sweating, rolling on the floor.

Of course, the above tips, just to provide a reference to the final diagnosis, or to go to the hospital to do B, X-ray examination, to confirm the diagnosis. Once diagnosed, should be promptly to the hospital for treatment.

In the treatment process, to drink plenty of water, water has a diuretic effect, a large number of drinking water can increase the amount of urine, to prevent the deposition of minerals in the urine to lead to increase the stone. At the same time, a large number of urinary secretion to stimulate the kidney and the ureter peristalsis, prompting the stone discharge. In patients with kidney stones, the daily amount of water as far as possible to control the 2500 ml or more, can increase the effect of self discharge.

In addition, during the treatment of kidney stones, don't forget every 3 months to go to hospital for a check, including film and B-ultrasound, so as to understand the treatment effect.

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